3 steps for easy implementation of electronic financial management software

Well planned is half done. A widely used expression, but still very much true. Cooperation between the accounting office and its client company runs smoothly when the introduction of financial management software and the division of work for after the implementation are planned carefully.

The advantage of a cloud-based software is flexibility. It is possible to take into account the needs of the customer: what does the accounting office do, and what are the responsibilities of the client company. Changes can be made easily and the division of work can vary quite extensively from one company to another. Each company has their own set of goals and needs.

3 steps for an easy software implementation

When an account office has a new customer in need of an electronic financial administration service, it is worth investing in the implementation of the software. Although the implementation is often quite easy and straightforward, it requires commitment and certain steps from both parties.

  1. Clarify the responsibilities during implementation

Representatives of the client company, the accounting office and the software vendor can participate in the software implementation. It is common that the software vendor supports the accounting office for implementation and training, after which the accounting office supports their customers.

  1. Set a clear division of work between the accounting office and the client company

When both parties have access to the same cloud-based accounting software, it is good for the division of work to be clear from the get-go. Who checks the purchase invoices? Who sets the accounting entries? And so on.

  1. Set necessary access rights

What kind of information do different people need to see in the software? Permissions should be limited to sufficient but not too large group of people. It is important to be very careful with the confidentiality of viewing rights and payment rights.

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