Vainu saved a significant amount of time and money after starting to use Procountor

Vainu is a data-driven prospecting and lead generation platform that collects sales intelligence on over 100 million companies. Currently they operate in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and United States. Established in 2014, today the company has over 100 employees and a revenue of 5,5 million euros.

“The ultimate best feature is simply that Procountor is suitable for all the Nordic countries.” said Vainu’s CFO Sami Kekäläinen at Procountor’s Accounting Office Day.

Vainu started to use Procountor in 2016. In terms of usability and pricing Procountor was light enough for their scope of business at this point but at the same time wide enough to meet the needs of the growth company in the future as well.

“Procountor truly invests in research and development and that is important for us. We want to be sure that the software will develop as the infrastructure, legal demands and digitalization in different countries continue moving forward.” says Kekäläinen.

Starting to use Procountor has brought clear benefits to Vainu. Comparing to their previous accounting software, Procountor saves the CFO’s time but also the time spent in daily bookkeeping, which in turn saves money.

“I have better real-time visibility to our revenue, both historically and months going forward. The actual saving in time is very meaningful. Our sales people create approximately 100 new invoices per month and with Procountor it takes at least 50 % less time to process one sales invoice than it did with our previous software.” says Kekäläinen.

The ultimate best feature for Vainu is that they can use Procountor in all the Nordic countries they operate in. It is possible to go from viewing the financial data of their Swedish company to paying invoices for their Norwegian company with just a couple of clicks without logging out and back in. Vainu has outsourced their accounting and payroll computation to local accounting offices in the Nordics and the co-operation runs smoothly.

Why choose Procountor? Vainu listed 3 great reasons:

  1. Procountor increases both transparency and timeliness of information.
  2. The company can automate quite a few accounting processes and thus, save time.
  3. The interface is simple and easy-to-use. Procountor also includes a good set of features for more demanding accounting needs, such as reporting tools and dimensions.

“I did some comparison with similar SME focused softwares, and one important advantage compared to some competitors is the automation. It is really easy to carry for example sales invoices forward in the bookkeeping. The dashboard view is excellent.” Kekäläinen finishes.

Read more about Vainu: product.vainu.io

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