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Save time and start using the all-inclusive financial management software Procountor

Time for decision-making is limited. Financial management should not be an obstacle for running your business. On the contrary. Financial management software should support growth and make life easier. Just like Procountor Financials.

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Digital financial management frees up the decision-maker’s time

Versatile and intelligent

  • Scales with your company’s needs
  • Available regardless of time and place
  • All of the tools needed for financial management and accounting
  • Suitable for shared use with an accounting office or by itself without an accounting office!
Procountor Financials on mobile and computer
Procountor Financials on mobile and computer

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All you need for digitalized financial management

  • Invoicing

    Create invoices individually or many at a time. Send e-invoices emblazoned with your company logo directly via email or as scheduled invoices.

    Procountor can be combined with a print service for paper invoices which makes gluing envelopes a thing of the past.
    Customer and product register, efficient search functions, reports, payment reminders, accounts receivable, and many other features are all at your disposal. 

  • Accounting

    You can do your own accounting or have your accountant handle it.

    In Procountor, accounting is in the background of all vouchers. Accounting entries can be made automatically based on default accounts.

    Comprehensive accounting reports and financial statement tools are included in the software.

  • Bank connections

    You can pay invoices and receive bank statements and reference payments in Procountor. To enable bank connections, you must first fill out a bank connection authorization document with which you and your bank agree on arranging payments and receiving bank statements through Procountor. Our software supports connections with a wide array of Nordic banks. You can also use multiple bank accounts.

  • Additional services

    You can customize the software to fit your company’s needs with additional services. Including:

    • Document management
    • Signature service
    • Item invoicing
    • Document management
    • Group invoices and recurrent invoicing
    • Additional accrued accounting reports
    • Inventory management
    • Automatic transfer interface
    • Eurocard interface
    • Group accounting
    • Dimension-specific limitation of user rights

    Read more about additional features from the instruction manual.

  • Data security

    Procountor works securely in the cloud: Two-factor identification is used for logging in with either alternating identifiers or Finago Key application.

    All of the connections are encrypted. The service creates backup copies of your files in the background so you never have to worry about losing your data.

  • Users

    All of the versions of Procountor Financials always include unlimited users.

    If necessary, your entire staff can be granted access to Procountor. Employees can use the program to, for example, create travel and expense invoices and access the relevant data.

    User rights can be limited on a per person basis as needed. Access to multiple companies’ data is possible as required.

  • Statutory reports

    You can send statutory reports directly inside Procountor. Report-related payments can also be done with ease. Monthly and annual reports can be carried out inside Procountor, directly from monthly accounting.
    Procountor helps you manage notifications such as:

    • Self-assessed taxes
    • Income tax return documents
    • VAT summary notifications
    • Incomes register notifications
    • Oma-aloitteiset verot
    • Tuloveroilmoituslomakkeet
    • ALV-yhteenvetoilmoitukset
    • Tulorekisteri-ilmoitukset
  • Purchase invoices

    Pay purchase invoices directly in Procountor without logging in to an online bank. 

    E-invoices and invoices from the scanning service are sent directly to the program where they wait for payment. You can also save your received invoices in Procountor manually.

  • Salary calculation

    Procountor software includes a user-friendly salary calculation program. You can manage salary calculation, payments, and all the relevant statutory reports fully electronically.

  • Travel invoices

    With personal user IDs, all the users in your company can create travel invoices in Procountor even on the road with the help of Procountor Mini application. Valid daily allowances and kilometer allowances are updated automatically to Procountor. Accounting is done easily in the background.

  • Integration options

    Procountor has a wide array of available integration options with other systems. You can choose between a real-time API and data transfer using export files.

  • Mobile use

    Procountor can be used with two mobile applications tailored for different purposes. Entrepreneurs and employees can use them to take care of common financial management routines wherever they are.

  • Reports

    Keep track of your business in real-time and make decisions based on up-to-date information. Procountor’s reports include:

    • Accounting reports
    • Sales reports
    • Cost and salary reports
    • Dimension reports
    • Payment reports
    • Register and inventory reports
    • Flexible report formulas

  • Archiving

    All of the receipts saved in Procountor are automatically stored inside an electronic archive.You can quickly search for data in the archive with the software’s versatile search functions.

  • Auditing

    The accounting office and auditor can flexibly access the same data and reports. This improves the flow of information and makes routine auditing tasks more efficient. Automated processes decrease the number of errors and abuses compared to a manual operating model.

Would you like to integrate a program with Procountor?

Save time and automate manual work steps by combining Procountor with other software. We offer the best and most comprehensive complete interfaces on the market for all your needs, whether you are looking for a point-of-sale-system or tools for reporting or debt collection.



All of the Procountor Financials versions include:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Travel and expense invoices
  • Salary calculation software
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Customer service free of charge
  • Instruction manual and video tutorials for all users

See the price list here.

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*The site is only in Finnish

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Frequently asked questions


  • How do I start using the software?

    You can start using the software as soon as you have signed a contract with us and notified your bank to enable bank connections in the service. Bank connections are enabled once your bank has processed your authorization document.

    You do not need to install anything or acquire any new devices, the program can be used in a browser on the Internet. In most cases, the company signs or has already signed a separate contract with an accounting office on providing financial management services.

    However, you can use Procountor without an accounting office.
    We offer complete start packages, and our sales team is glad to help you in any way!


  • What features are included in each package?

    All of our packages have comprehensive features, and they can be scaled according to your needs. You can always switch to a broader package without any charge.

    Read about the features in more detail.

  • Can I do my own accounting using Procountor Financials?

    Yes. You can use the program to do your accounting and manage your finances without an external accounting office.

  • What kind of integrations are available?

    Procountor Financials has a wide array of available integration options with other systems.

    Many popular applications already have an interface to Procountor. Read more about integrations.

  • What kind of additional services are available?

    The program offers a wide variety of additional services. You can read more about them here.


  • What is a voucher?

    A voucher, much like an invoice, is proof of a transaction in your accounting.

    Vouchers that affect Procountor’s pricing include sales and purchase invoices, travel and expense invoices, payslips sales/offer and purchase orders, journal receipts, VAT calculations, statutory reports, group letters, payment reminders, documents, and direct bank transfer.

  • What does the pricing consist of?

    The pricing consists of an opening fee after which you will pay a monthly fee depending on your package size. The pricing of your monthly fee depends if there are any vouchers or employees exceeding your package size and the number of channels for sending and receiving.

    • Pricing consists of the following elements:
    • The scope of the start-up package
    • The scope of the monthly priced product version
    • Number of vouchers
    • Additional Services
    • Charges for sending and receiving
    • Number of employees
  • What is the pricing for bank connections?

    We recommend you to check the bank-specific pricing with your bank or your accountant.

    Your bank account should be a company account if you want to use it in Procountor.

  • How are the services billed?

    Invoicing is run once a month as an e-invoice, as a rule on the first working day of the month. Invoicing is done at the start of the month on a per use basis based on how the service was used during the previous month.

  • What should I do if I want to change packages?

    Send us an email to hallinto@procountor.com and tell us which package you would like to change to. If you are unsure which product package is the best fit for your company, contact our sales team.

    For changing the product package to a smaller one, we will charge 50 € + VAT. The costs will be charged in the next invoice. You can switch from a smaller product package to a larger one free of charge.


  • How many users can there be in Procountor?

    Every Procountor package included an unlimited number of users free of charge.

  • Where can I find help?

    We’ll be glad to help you. Simply contact our sales team or our customer service. We offer complete start-up packages and training tailored to your needs. You can also look up our instruction page for a comprehensive instruction manual.

  • Can I use Procountor Financials on a mobile device?

    You can download Procountor Mini application to use the program on a mobile device.

    Mini’s free features include invoice verification and approval, invoice dimensioning and examination of your payslips. Features that are subject to a fee (5.95 € /month/user/environment) are taking pictures of vouchers, creating travel and expense invoices and invoice payment. VAT 24% will be added to the price.

Terms of use and data security

  • What happens if I change accounting offices?

    The Procountor Financials contract is between Accountor Finago and your company. As such, your company is not obligated to use a specific accounting office to use the program.

  • What should I do if I want to stop using Procountor?

    You can terminate the service by contacting our customer service. The period of notice for our customer agreements is one (1) month. The agreement ends at the end of the agreement period month.

    Once the termination comes into force, all of your data in the environment is stored in the program for at least three months during which you can save your data.

  • Is my data safe?

    Procountor works securely: Three-factor authentication is used for logging in with either alternating identifiers or Finago Key application.

    All of the connections are encrypted. The service creates backup copies of your files in the background so you never have to worry about losing your data.