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From Tikon to Procountor product family solutions

2020s financial management is about companies boosting their business in real time The demands of the time are met by our versatile Procountor solutions that allow an accounting office to serve its customers with a high quality, using up-to-date data. The Procountor product family includes solutions for diverse customer needs.

The new decade of financial management will transform accounting from manual recording work into boosting business in real-time. A fully real-time financial management service supports the transformation of an accountant’s role from manual routines to financial expertise.

The long-serving accounting software Tikon no longer meets the requirements of the future. As the field of financial management evolves, we need to look forward.

Transition schedule

We are planning the end of Tikon’s life cycle. The financial year ending during the 2021 calendar year can still be done using Tikon.

Solutions from the Procountor product family

Change always involves challenges. During the change, we will help our customers to find the best software solution for each situation from the Procountor product family.

Procountor Financial Management

Procountor Financial Management is the solution for situations in which the corporate management needs real-time financial information and data to support their decisions. In Financial Management, joint use helps the accounting office to support its customers with transparent real-time data.

Procountor Solo

Procountor Solo is our solution for sole traders, who are a customer group that often causes a lot of work for accounting offices. Solo guides the sole trader to correctly entering expenses and income in the software, and the accountant receives the required data in the correct format in Procountor for accounting. All accounting offices with access to Procountor Financial Management can offer Solo to their customers.

Procountor Solo is available in English.

Procountor Ledger

Procountor Ledger is our solution for the production of traditional accounting office services when joint use is not necessary. Ledger contains all the functions required for accounting, payroll, travel invoices, reporting, and notifications to authorities.

Thanks to the online banking connection, you can increase the efficiency of your accounting process with bank statements and the automated posting of references. Procountor Ledger is available 24/7, with any browser, and the accounting office doesn’t need to take care of software installations or maintenance. We have different versions of Ledger for different customer needs.

Short history of Tikon

Tietokolmio released the first Tikon version in 1979. Tikon was the first Finnish sofware which was designed as a tool for accountants. The first version contained the Tikon payroll management. Financial management was added to the sofware during the 80’s. Tikon software celebrated it’s 40th birthday in 2019.


What is the schedule of the transition from Tikon to Procountor solutions?

The transition period is already underway. According to the plan, Tikon can be used for the financial year ending in the 2021 calendar year.

How will the transition to Procountor solutions take place in practice?

The transition is managed, and we will do it together with our customers. We use the Onni project model for the customer migration, or the customers can carry out the transition to Procountor solutions independently. Finago will provide the instructions required to support the transition.

Which benefits do the Procountor solutions have?

We continuously develop Procountor with our customers. Future accounting is about real-time boosting of business.

Which benefits does the change offer?

When accounting is migrated to Procountor, real-time financial monitoring becomes available, saving the entrepreneur’s time. This means e.g. that the entrepreneur will receive more up-to-date information about finances and be able to continuously monitor what is going on in their business.

Where can I get more information regarding Tikon?

Our sales in Finland is happy to help in transition to digital financial management. They can tell you more about our software transition services, Onni projects.

Sales (Finland)
Mon-Fri 8:30 – 16:00
myynti@finago.com / +358 20 7879 830

Customer service
Mon-Thu 8:30–16:00
Fri 8:30–12:00 (we’ll process incoming tickets until 16:00)

Tikon customer service
tikonasiakaspalvelu@finago.com / 020 116 0420

Procountor customer service
asiakaspalvelu@procountor.com / 020 7879 840