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At Accountor Finago, we want to help our customers to succeed and create growth. Our product family covers all financial management solutions small and medium size companies and accounting offices need.

Strong growth together

Accountor Finago is the manufacturer of the leading financial management software products in Finland and a part of Accountor Group’s FMS software business. The software products are used by over 1,600 accounting offices and we serve over 130,000 companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Accountor specializes in software solutions and outsourcing services for financial and HR services. The group employs about 2.350 experts in seven countries. Our mission is to help our customers use the possibilities of modern technology and digitalization in their everyday work. The group’s headquarters is in Espoo, Finland. In addition to Finland, we operate in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine. The turnover of the Accountor Group was 245 M€ in 2019. 

Insights and understanding

We dispel worries, we help to understand. Our job is to simplify complexity: provide insights and understanding. And to help accounting offices and entrepreneurs have a clear view of the current situation, along with enabling a forward-looking approach.

 Here lies the core of our purpose: creating insights, understanding and space for better business.

When you gain insights, you understand. When you understand, you can be in control. The vision becomes clear, and you’ll obtain an enhanced future-view. Based on numbers, words, and actions. Understanding, and peace of mind is created.

That’s us. Space for Better Business.