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Procountor version releases (Finland)

A new version of Procountor is released approximately once a month. The service break caused by the update generally starts at Saturday morning and may last until early afternoon. Procountor and Procountor Mini are out of use during the service break. The service break also affects Procountor API and services using the API.

See the latest Procountor version releases in Finland on this page.

Procountor’s new features in May 2023

Procountor’s update in May delivers improvements for labor union fee report as well as for purchase and sales invoice fields.

Procountor’s new features in April 2023

Tax form 6C updates were made according to the guidelines of the Tax Administration. The preliminary tax return forms 6B and 4 have been published for the year 2023. The customizable payroll item setting for percentage-based union membership fees can now be removed if it has not been used in payroll calculations.

Procountor’s new features in March 2023

March’s release brings to you a new labour union invoice creation. There will also be improvements in the union fee report as well as in the working time info view.

Procountor’s new features in February 2023

February’s release focuses on the reporting of the labour union fee as well as in the working hour reduction calculation.
You can read about the new features on Procountor Guide.

Procountor’s new features in January 2023

January’s release introduces improvements in the the Cash and ledger tracking widget and the possibility to “flag” rows in the Bank statements and Reference payments view.

Read more about the new features on Procountor Guide.

Procountor’s new features in December 2022

Content Working hour reduction handling Users and priviledges exports Labor union fee and settings Other changes and improvements Working hour reduction Working hour reduction handling of worked hours in salary slip rows for two years Working time can be allocated to two separate calendar year by using earnings period in salary rows When payment period […]

Procountor’s new features in November 2022

Content New features to help accountants working with Procountor Solo customers A new report for working hour reduction Employee union fee settings and fixed union fee Other changes and improvements New features to help accountants working with Procountor Solo customers New information and filter criteria on Quick info view Company information now includes information about […]

Procountor’s new features in October 2022

This version introduces several small improvements to e.g. reporting, product row comments, and the working hour reduction functionality.

Procountor version 67.0, September 17th 2022

General Starting from September’s release, users will be able to activate their invoicing addresses (e-invoice and scanning addresses) as self-service. We will also introduce several improvements to accounting reports and other features. Moreover, the payroll functions related to average hourly calculation and working hour reductions are expanded with new features. Content NEW! Activate e-invoicing and […]

Procountor version 66.0, August 20th 2022

General After August’s version release, you will be able to review the contents of old supplier notifications sent from Procountor. A new functionality is released to payroll: handling labor union fees. In addition, we have continued improving various report tools and average hourly calculation in payroll. Content Supplier announcement tool New! Payroll: Handling labor union […]

Procountor version 65.0, June 18th 2022

General In June’s version release, we released new useful tools for following the use of the new APIX invoicing addresses. In addition, we introduced new features to Procountor’s payroll: first stage of working hour reduction calculation and improvements to average hourly calculation. Content APIX migration and managing invoicing addresses Payroll: Working hour reduction Payroll: Average […]

Procountor version 64.0, May 21st 2022

General In May’s version update, we released new useful tools for following and promoting the use of your new APIX invoicing addresses. In addition, we added new features and other improvements for average hourly handling in payroll. Content APIX migration and announcing invoicing addresses to suppliers Payroll: Average hourly handling APIX migration and announcing invoicing […]

Procountor version 63.0, April 23rd 2022

General In April’s version update, we released several improvements to handling supplier announcements and average hourly feature (payroll). In addition, we implemented the yearly tax form changes according to the instructions by the Tax Administration. Content Improvements to supplier announcements Yearly tax form updates Payroll Updates to supplier announcements The supplier announcement can be used […]

Procountor version 62.0, March 19th 2022

In March’s version update, we will introduce a new information widget that contains information on the ongoing operator change and a new tool for announcing invoicing addresses to suppliers. In addition, we will add average hourly handling in Procountor’s payroll.

Procountor version 61.0, February 19th 2022

In February’s version update we released the tax announcement 6A for year 2021. We also released clarifications and usability improvements to several views, such as purchase invoices, balance sheet itemization, E-invoice and scanning provider addresses view and Tax information view.

Procountor version 60.0, January 15th 2022

to delete an employee who does not have salary slips or invoices. We also developed e-invoice sending and released usability improvements to reporting.

Procountor version 58.0, December 18th 2021

General In the version release of December, we release year-end-related changes to salary calculation and salary types. Also, we release a new path for creating a new journal receipt and several usability improvements. Content Payroll Creating a new journal receipt Usability improvements Payroll New payer type We have added a new payer type Pool of […]

Procountor version 57.0, November 20th 2021

General In version update 57.0 we release new improvements to balance sheet itemization. Please notice, that all new balance sheet itemization features are available only in the Procountor environments with new chart of accounts. Further information can be found below. Besides the new balance sheet itemization improvements, we add two new supported banks for Real […]

Procountor version 56.0, October 16th 2021

In version update 56.0 we release new features to balance sheet itemization. Besides the new balance sheet itemization functions, we release minimum invoicing threshold, improve salary calculation, change the name of a user right and release several usability improvements.