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Procountor version releases (Finland)

Procountor software is developed continuously. The monthly releases bring you new features, enhanced usability and more possibilities for different use cases with new integrations.

A new version each month

  • A new Procountor version is released approx. once a month
  • The version release maintenance break starts on a Saturday morning and lasts 3 to 5 hours
  • In addition to version releases, we take care of small fixes and other improvements whenever needed
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Learn about our new features


Find the release notes for each version release in our Procountor user manual. Here, you can find information on both Procountor (browser version) and Procountor mobile app.

Procountor Solo

Check out the newest features in Solo user manual! Reading our release notes, you can easily see what kind of new features are introduced for both companies and accounting offices.