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Procountor mobile app – financial management in your pocket

Financial management accessible with a smartphone. Procountor app is a light version of Procountor, designed to facilitate an entrepreneur’s financial management on the road.

With Procountor mobile app, you can create a travel invoice already during your trip. The app also allows you to create individual expense invoices and easily approve and check invoices anywhere and at any time. Procountor mobile app is available for all users of Procountor Financials.

Download the handy Procountor application to your phone, and enter the fast lane of financial management. The Procountor application is available for Android and iPhone phones.

Create travel invoices easily

Creating travel invoices with Procountor mobile app is easy. You can create a travel invoice gradually during your trip, and it is nice to come home when the travel invoice is ready for the approval circulation.

The application automatically calculates the daily allowances for foreign and domestic travel and converts purchases made in other currencies into the accounting currency. Procountor mobile app calculates daily allowances and kilometer allowances based on the locations and times entered by the person who is making the travel invoice.

Creating a travel invoice gradually

At the beginning of the trip, you enter the start location information in Procountor app, after which you can put the phone aside and relax. You can continue to fill out the travel invoice with the next transaction on your trip.

Fill out the travel invoice as transactions take place

It is easy to add expenses and travel information to Procountor app during the trip when the transaction is current and still fresh in your mind.

During the trip, you do not need to worry about expense currency conversions – Procountor app converts the currency into the accounting currency of your environment automatically.

Happily at home

When the trip is over, the travel invoice can be sent for approval to the person responsible for it or in pending status to Procountor. So, afterwards you do not need to worry about creating a travel invoice.

Daily expense invoices immediately to accounting

With Procountor mobile app, you can also create just an expense invoice, instead of a travel invoice. This means that Procountor app makes it possible to transfer the company’s daily expenses to accounting at the moment when the product or the service is purchased.

Check and approve invoices quickly and easily

With Procountor mobile app, checking and approving invoices is quick and easy. When an invoice that needs checking arrives in Procountor, you will receive a notification of it on your phone. Instead of separate login credentials, you can access the application with your own Procountor user ID and password.

Download Procountor mobile app from your phone’s application store

Procountor mobile app works on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the application stores.

Do you need help and instructions to use the application? Here you can find instructions about using the Procountor application.

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