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Sopimuskone provides the easiest way to create high-quality contracts

An easy-to-use solution enabling you to create contracts in minutes with the most important templates you need to work as an entrepreneur. The templates are up-to-date with legislation and have been created and audited by lawyers.

    • Customer agreement
    • Employment contract
    • Meeting minutes
    • Shareholders’ agreement
    • 350 other document templates

    Make contracts in minutes – over 350 documents to choose from

    1. Select the document

    Choose from a selection of over 350 ready-made, intelligent document templates.

    2. Select the content

    Select from pre-selection list which terms are included in the document and edit them if you wish.

    3. Sign digitally

    Request the signatures for the document traditionally or electronically.

    ”We recommend Sopimuskone! The service enables our accounting firm to work faster since we can manage everything digitally and create a unified look for the documents of our all ten accountants.”

    Piia Ansala, Tabshee OY | Talousverkko

    Enjoy easy contracting from €39 per month

    Sopimuskone’s pricing is based on a monthly fee and the number of contracts made.

    • Easy-to-use templates
    • Automatic archiving
    • Free trial

    Benefits of Sopimuskone for companies

    • With the service you can, for example, create all documents related to employment relationships, saving time and money.
    • The service’s digital signature lets you finalize contracts quickly by sending a signing invitation to all participants simultaneously. The signed documents will be automatically saved to your account’s archive for later access.
    • You can set reminders about important dates for the documents that have been saved to the archive. This will help you stay up to date on when an employee’s trial period is ending or when a fixed-term customer agreement needs to be renewed, for example.

    A person uses the Procountor Contract Machine on a laptop. The person is on the left side of the picture with his back. The image is focused on the laptop screen.

    Benefits of Sopimuskone for accounting firms

    Smiling people using the contract machine
    • Save time by quickly selecting which terms to include in your documents and tailor them to your needs.
    • Ensure high service quality and reduce the likelihood of human mistakes when accountants prepare the documents using pre-defined content that is always legally up to date.
    • The service’s info icons provide instructions for utilizing legal content for the documents. With the support of the service, you can also create more challenging documents for your customers, such as an application for a special permit for deducting losses.

    Sopimuskone – easy and carefree way to create high-quality contracts

    Sopimuskone is used by over 10,000 companies and is designed for creating, signing, and archiving documents among other things for business management, employment and customer relationships. The contract templates are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Contact us to find the most suitable solution for your company’s needs!

    “The best thing is definitely the ease and speed of finalizing contracts. We mostly make minutes of the board of directors and general meetings, but also shareholder agreements and contracts of sale. The electronic signatures of financial statements and various contracts can also be handled easily through the account.” Jenni Viitanen, / Vihainen Talouspäällikkö Oy

    “It’s really easy to make documents for meeting minutes with this.”

    “I knew how to advise a client to create a shareholder agreement.”

    “It’s nice to have a ready-made template that takes into account all the requirements.”

    “The archive is good, now you no longer need to print and scan separately.”

    “Saves time!” The employees of the Financial Administration Resolution Office Oikia

    Creating a contract with Sopimuskone

    1. Select the document

    In Sopimuskone, you can easily enter the name of the document template you need directly in the search field. Alternatively, you can select the document template in the category section.

    2. Select content for the document

    The pre-selection list allows you to easily select which terms to include for your document. The selected content can be edited and you can also add your own clauses if you wish. Creating contracts is quick and easy because Sopimuskone can automatically retrieve the company information for the contractual parties. Should you need more information regarding how to apply the selected legal content, you can find it via the info icons.

    3. Select the signing method

    You can select either light or strong authentication as the electronic signing method. You can also skip electronic signing if necessary.

    With light electronic signature, you can quickly and easily sign contracts by drawing your signature on a phone, tablet or computer.

    With strong electronic signature, you can sign contracts using your online bank credentials or a mobile certificate.

    4. Send signing invitations by text message or email

    If the contract has more than one participant, Sopimuskone allows you to send an invitation to all participants simultaneously.

    5. Sign electronically

    The contract participants receive an invitation to sign the contract either by text message or by email.

    The signing party does not need to download the contract to sign it.

    6. Completed document

    When all participants have signed the document, each participant and the creator of the document receive a notification by email.

    Enjoy easy contracting from €39 per month

    Sopimuskone pricing is based on a monthly fee and the number of contracts made.

    • Easy-to-use templates
    • Automatic archiving
    • Free trial


    The Sopimuskone subscription is for one year at a time (annual commitment), and the service is invoiced monthly. The Partner packages are suitable for attorneys, law firms, auditors, accounting firms, and property managers.

    A free trial does not bind you to anything.




    partner basic

    partner plus

    Number of accounts11212
    Number of usersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Document management
    Document templates in English
    Document templates in Swedish
    Word converter
    Number of documents per year1050Unlimited50Unlimited
    Information servicesAccording to a separate price listAccording to a separate price listAccording to a separate price listAccording to a separate price listAccording to a separate price list
    Creating documents as a service for others
    Mobile app (Android / iOS)
    Help desk, 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays
    Import PDF documents to the archive
    Electronic signature, €/signing request€1.00€1.00€1.00€1.001,00 €
    Text message alerts for signing invitations18 cents/alert18 cents/alert18 cents/alert18 cents/alert18 snt/kpl
    Extra document cost€6.95/document€6.95/document€6.95/document
    Coding your own document contentAs an additional serviceAs an additional serviceAs an additional serviceAs an additional serviceAs an additional service
    Mass signingAs an additional serviceAs an additional service
    24% VAT is added to all prices.

    Information services

    • Trade Register extract €2.50 each
    • Corporate rules €2.50 each
    • Authority to sign €2.50 each
    • Company credit information €4.95 each
    • Private individual’s credit information €7.99 each

    The prices are exclusive of VAT (24%).