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Procountor Solo prices

You pay a monthly fee of €10,49–€29,99 depending on your company’s sales revenue.

No starting fees.

  • Customer service in English
  • Super easy to use

Same features for everyone

Comprehensive invoicing program Sending sales invoices Payment reminders and credit notes Sending e-invoices Customer, product, and service registers
Manage expenses Receive and pay purchase invoices Receive electronic invoices (an additional service subject to a fee) Salary payment (an additional service subject to a fee) Photograph receipts with smartphone
Accounting Processing of bank statement transactions Guided delivery of accounting data Automatic payment tracking
Other Free-of-charge customer service by phone and email Procountor environment for an accountant Automatic recognition of voucher data (OCR)

The monthly fee is €10,49, €20,99 or €29,99 depending on the turnover generated by your company’s sales income

The calculation that determines Procountor Solo’s monthly price is based on the cumulative 12-month sales turnover.

The turnover limits affecting the monthly price are: €50,000, €100,000, €500,000.

Pricing for additional services

Prices exempt from VAT (0%).

Sending or receiving an e-invoice0,61 € / invoice
Sending invoices by mail using the print service2,35 € / invoice
Searching for defaults of payment2 € / invoice
Software costs for a salary calculated by an accountant
Notification to the Incomes Register
Sending a salary slip as an electronic payslip
6,00 € / payslip
0,27 € / pcs
0,57 € / payslip
Salary payment self-service model (Palkkaus.fi)12,00 € / salary

Frequently asked questions about pricing

  • How is the monthly fee calculated on the basis of revenue?

    Procountor Solo’s monthly fee is based on the cumulative 12-month revenue from sales transactions.

    Therefore, payments that are not treated as sales do not impact the monthly fee (for example, loans).

    Example: Company X starts using Solo on 1 February 2022 at the start of revenue calculation from bank transactions. During the first month of use (February 2022), they generate 3,000 € in revenue. Their monthly fee is 10,49 €. The following month (March 2022), they generate 10,000 € of revenue. Their monthly fee remains at 10,49 € because the combined revenue for the previous 12 months is 13,000 €. The month after that (April), they generate 40,000 € of revenue. Their monthly fee increases to 20,99 € because the combined revenue for the previous 12 months used in calculating the monthly fee is 54,000 €.

  • What does “pricing always starts at 10,49 €” mean?

    The starting monthly fee is 10,49 € for all new Solo customers because the revenue calculation begins when you start using Solo.

  • Will the monthly fee decrease automatically if the company’s revenue in Solo decreases?

    Yes, if the generated revenue for the previous 12 months goes below a specific price tier.

  • What does it mean to “calculate revenue on the basis of the previous 12 months”?

    The revenue that determines your monthly fee is calculated on a rolling basis for the previous 12 months.

    Therefore, after your use of Solo exceeds 12 months, your monthly fee is always calculated using the revenue generated during the previous 12 months. As such, the monthly fee is not tied to the calendar year nor your company’s financial statements.

  • Where can I check the calculated revenue and the monthly fee based on the calculation?

    You can check your monthly fee on your invoice where the listed monthly fee indicates your price tier.

  • Are all the funds transferred to our bank account treated as sales?

    No. Your monthly fee is based on the revenue generated by your sales. VAT is deducted from your sales.

Are you a new entrepreneur? You can use Solo for one year without monthly fees

We want to support new businesses at the beginning of their journey. Thus, we offer Procountor Solo software free of monthly fees for one year for businesses that have been created during the past 6 months.

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