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Procountor Solo One Year For Free

Solo has everything you need to run a successful business: invoicing, receipts, payroll, receiving invoices and much more. It is the software that every entrepreneur knows how to use.

We want to help entrepreneurs in their early stages. That’s why we offer Procountor Solo financial management software for a year without the monthly fee for new entrepreneurs.

If you don’t have an accountant yet, we will help you find one through our extensive network of accounting companies.

Service available only in Finland.

Helps solo entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry, to handle financial administration

  • Work efficiently while keeping your company’s income and expenses under your control. It can be used anywhere with different terminals.
  • Save time when all the necessary financial administration matters are in the same place and your accounting materials are prepared during your daily routines without any additional effort.
  • Have peace of mind when the program reminds you of missing receipts and makes sure that nothing gets forgotten. Solo helps to ensure that the accounting has everything necessary.

Procountor Solo Software 0 € / mth
(normally €10,49 – €29,99 / mth based on your revenue)

Procountor Solo is the easiest-to-use and most versatile software for solopreneurs. It is an invoicing program, bank statement, and receipt application – all on mobile.

  • Create and send invoices
  • Pay incoming invoices and receive e-invoices*
  • Handle your receipts and connect them to the bank statement
  • Enjoy automatic receipt text recognition (OCR)
  • Send your monthly material to the accounting

*Sending and receiving e-invoices €0,61 per invoice. See the prices.

You will need a Finnish bank account to use Procountor Solo. The bank will charge for its services separately.

Solo prices
Start using Procountor Solo for free
solo prices

What Does the Benefit Include?

The newly established company will have access to Procountor Solo software for one year without a monthly fee. We believe that your new company will have a good use for the saved money!

Who Will Get The Benefit?

We offer it to a new company that has been registered in the Finnish Trade Register during the previous 6 months. The company must not already be a customer of Accountor Finago.

How Do I Get It?

Fill out the form and we will contact you to ensure a smooth start. Our free customer service is eager to help.

Tackle the Financial Management Challenges Right From the Start – Keep Your Business Effortless

Start Using Solo and Get The Benefit

1. Fill Out the Form

If you have any questions about the benefit or the Procountor Solo software, let us know. We will help you to get started.

2. You Will Need an Accountant

Procountor Solo is used in cooperation with an accountant. If you haven’t settled on an accounting company yet, we’ll help you find one. If you already have an accounting firm selected – great! Just mention it on the form.

3. Start Using Solo

It’s a software that every entrepreneur can use with ease, but if you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help, free of charge.

Solo For One Year Without a Monthly Fee – Start Now and Save

Who Will Get the Benefit?

We offer the benefit to a new company that has been registered in the Finnish Trade Register during the previous 6 months. The company must not already be a customer of Accountor Finago. Additional services and transaction fees are charged according to usage (eg sending and receiving e-invoices).

Procountor Solo can be used only with Finnish bank accounts.

Questions about the benefit, the Solo software or the accounting service? Contact myynti@finago.com