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Procountor Friends – shared direction

Procountor Friends is a product development network which welcomes all Procountor users. The network enables Procountor development to collect inputs regarding Procountor development initiatives and their direction.

What is Procountor Friends?

Procountor Friends network is a new expert network, maintained by Accountor Finago. Its aim is to bring product development closer to our customers.

Procountor Friends network welcomes all Procountor users who are interested in Procountor development and want to provide inputs.  We are keen to have a broad range of users from different backgrounds – novices and experienced users alike.

The way Procountor Friends operates is that when we have ongoing development projects, we may occasionally contact our members. Not all members are contacted during each project, in order to avoid too frequent requests. And if the timing of our request is not convenient due to other priorities, or if the development project is not relevant to you, you can decline it and participate another time instead.

Procountor Friends

How do we collect feedback from the network?

The methods we use depend on the development initiative but could include the following:


Interviews / group interviews

Observational visits

Analysing practical activity



Come along to Procountor Friends network!

We want to gather a diverse group of users with differing backgrounds who would like to participate in the product development of Procountor.

Customers help is much appreciated for involving the continuous improvement of our product.

We will contact the members of this community on a project-by-project basis. You can always say ‘no’ if you feel so. Feel free to choose times and topics that suit you best!