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Electronic signatures for your documents easily and without monthly fees

You can sign all of your documents even on a mobile device. The documents are stored securely in an archive. Only 1.50 € / signature.
VAT 24% will be added to the price

  • No monthly fees
  • No commitment
  • No software installations
No monthly fees

Pay for what you use

Simple pricing – 1.50 € / signature

VAT 24% will be added to the price

All of your documents are available for signing

Send all your PDF documents and essential attachments at once for signing, be they employment contracts, financial statements, or any other documents.

Unlimited number of users

You can invite an unlimited number of colleagues and other users to use Allekirjoitus and manage their user privileges with ease.

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Keeps your papers reliably in order

User-friendly archive

Documents are archived automatically and stored for 10 years securely and safely in an archive, from which they can be accessed regardless of the time and place.

User-friendly archive

You can easily find your documents from an archive that stores your documents for 10 years with secure encryption.

Technical encryption and eIDAS compatible

Your data is encrypted with TLS v1.3 technical encryption and in accordance with the Advanced Encryption Standard 265.

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Straightforward and sure

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In partnership with Verified.eu

Built-in data security

We have created a new signature service that operates with data security at its core so that you can operate your business with peace of mind.

Perfect traceability for all documents

Every signed document can be traced back to the moment they were signed. The signed documents are sealed and that makes it easy to verify their origin.

Data security as a foundation

Data security is compliant with the ISO27001 standard, and all your information is stored securely within the EU.

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Versatile functions at your disposal

Experience the ease of electronic signatures

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Versatile and user-friendly signing options

Recipients can easily sign your documents through strong authentication via an email link or a text message with any device.

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Manage your signatures perfectly

You can easily manage signature options, signature scheduling, and orders as well as reminders to signers.


Customize it to fit your company

You can easily add your company logo and cover text to documents or use a template. This gives a professional impression of your organization.

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Track signatures in real-time and send reminders when necessary

You get an email notification when a document has been signed. You can also set up automatic reminders to signers or send them manually with ease.

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Keeps your documents within arm’s reach at all times

In addition to the search functions of the archive, you can organize your documents into groups or add tags to documents to make organizing them even more efficient. You can also download and store documents in other systems.

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Customer service supports you every step of the way

Our customer service is glad to help you whenever you need any instructions on using the Allekirjoitus program. We have also compiled instructions for the service that you can check out here*

*Only in Finnish

Legally valid security

All of your documents available for quick signing

  • Employment contracts
  • Financial statements
  • Minutes of the Board of Directors
  • Customer agreements
  • Contract attachments
  • Authorizations
  • Supplier contracts
  • Sales offers
  • Any PDF documents

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