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Procountor Ledger is an easy and very cost-effective solution for the internal use of an accounting office. It is a cloud service designed specifically for accounting offices. Procountor Ledger is available in Finland and Sweden.

Traditional accounting with modern tools

Procountor Ledger is a modern solution for the production of traditional accounting office services when you do not need to use the same software as your customer. With Procountor Ledger, an accounting office does not need to worry about software installation, the procurement or leasing of servers, updates, maintenance or backups – Procountor Ledger is available 24/7, and works with any browser.

Procountor Ledger contains all the functions required for accounting, payroll, travel invoices, reporting, and notifications to authorities. Thanks to the accompanying online banking connection, you can increase the efficiency of your accounting process with bank statements and the automated posting of references. Vouchers can be scanned and attached to bank statements or journal vouchers while taking advantage of digital archiving.

The accounting office’s customer can view financial information with the help of a reporting user ID

You can provide your corporate customer with a reporting user ID that allows them to view various financial information and reports. From now on, the reporting user IDs will be free of charge in all Ledger versions. The user IDs can be given to an auditor, for example, or the person in charge of a company’s finances. The reporting user ID does not include rights to make changes in the accounting.

Features and pricing

Procountor Ledger has no company or voucher-specific charges. One accounting office user can run an unlimited number of customer companies for the monthly charge. The amount of the user charge is determined according to the version of the customer company to which the user has access rights to at their most extensive.

See the Procountor Ledger pricing.

For the shared use of an accounting office and their customer company, we recommend Procountor Financials. If your customer uses Procountor Financials, your accounting office does not need to procure Procountor Ledger separately to manage the accounts of the customer in question.

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