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Partner Program for Software Companies

Integrate your software with Procountor’s financial management software. The partner program is open to all softwares that interacts with Procountor. Welcome aboard!

Join as a Partner

  1. Joining the partner program requires a ready, tested, and widely used integration.
  2. Fill out the partner application, providing information about your software’s target audience, a description of the software, integration details, and references.
  3. We are happy to assist you.
Join as a Partner

Procountor is a trusted solution for over 90,000 companies and 1,300 accounting offices

Procountor has everything customers need for their company’s financial management, regardless of the company’s form or size. Partner software can include integrations using API interfaces or solutions utilizing transfer files. Participation in the partner program is free of charge.

Our partner program offers more opportunities for partners and customers. Procountor, combined with a system tailored to the specific characteristics of the industry, enhances our customers’ business operations.

Procountor offers excellent interfaces and interface documentation for API integrations.

Simo-Pekka Tuisku – Business Manager, Solteq

The Partner Program for software companies offers significant benefits

The Partner Program supports the business of Procountor’s software partners. With the Partner Program, we provide visibility, cooperation, and create a better common offering for our mutual customers.

The Partner Program includes three different levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The benefits increase with the level of partnership.


  • Own partner page
  • Access to partner events


  • Joint marketing activities
  • Regular meetings


  • Close cooperation
  • Extensive visibility
Benefits of the Partner ProgramSILVERGOLDDIAMOND
Digital marketing package
Lead generation
Sales materials to support customer acquisition
Partner events and webinars
Visibility in Procountor Store according to levels
Events and webinars in cooperation
Marketing meetings and sparring1 meeting / year4 meetings / year
Joint marketing & content production1 content / year4 contents / year
Newsletter promotion1 promotion / year
Free customer service
Shared Customer Companies5+20+50+
Acceptance of general partnership terms
Compliance with Accountor’s Code of Conduct
Applicable ethical guidelines
Adding a link to the Procountor website*
Clear API integration activation instructions
Procountor API CertificationOptionalRecommendedMandatory
* link URL

The partnership program offers significant benefits to partners, such as:

  • Extensive visibility on the Procountor website, which is widely used by accounting firms and clients.
  • A dedicated partner page in the Procountor Store. The page includes a contact request form and lead sharing.
  • Improves the search engine visibility of the partner’s page. Links from Procountor’s strong domain pages to the partner’s pages.
  • The ability to use the Procountor logo.
  • The possibility of joint marketing.
  • The opportunity to participate in events organized by Procountor.
  • Commercial cooperation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Technical cooperation, with comprehensive API documentation.
  • Joint partner meetings (e.g., updates on software and API developments, collaboration opportunities).
  • Certification demonstrates that the integration meets the broader requirements of the Partner Program. Additional requirements may apply depending on the functionalities of the software.

Expanding the use of integrations through the Partner Program

  • The purpose of the Partner Program is to share information with our customers about ready, standardized, and easy-to-implement integrations and to collaborate with software companies.
  • The aim of the Partner Program is to ensure that integrations are technically implemented according to API descriptions and that the implementation of integrations between software is easy.
  • The goal of the Partner Program is to offer various means for commercial and marketing cooperation. Procountor markets ready integrations through multiple channels in its own media, as well as on social media and in newsletters.
  • Procountor has a broad customer base, and the purpose of the Partner Program is to increase customer awareness of partner offerings and thereby increase the number of shared customers.

Join the Partner Program

The Partner Program is open to all companies that offer software interacting with Procountor products and meet the Partner Program criteria. Integrations between software can include API interfaces or solutions utilizing transfer files. Participation in the program is free of charge.

Each of the three levels of the Partner Program offers significant benefits, and you can move from one level to another as the defined conditions are met. The partnership level is specific to each software.

Implementing a new software integration

Below you will find instructions for situations where a software company has software that they want to integrate with Procountor so that the integration is generally available.

  1. We offer the Procountor API developer site, which helps in building the integration.
  2. We provide technical support for implementing the integration: integrations@procountor.com.
  3. Implement the integration and apply to become a partner.

Procountor API Technology in a Nutshell

The Procountor API is implemented following the REST principle (Representational State Transfer), which is a way of building an interface or system architecture based on HTTP calls. JSON is used as the data transfer format. Authentication follows the OAuth2 process.

  • REST-based
  • Supports JSON format
  • Updates with regular version updates
  • Procountor offers an open API interface and OpenAPI JSON materials, which can be found here.

You can learn more about the technical implementation of the API on the dev.procountor.com website.

Kuvassa robo

Ensuring a good customer experience through certification

Procountor API certification is intended for software companies participating in the partner program. Certification ensures that integrations serve our shared customers well technically and provide an excellent user experience. Additionally, Procountor API certification allows us to better serve you, our important software partners.

Requirements for a certified software partner

  • Acknowledgment and acceptance of technical requirements.
  • Acknowledgment and acceptance of customer experience-related requirements.*
  • Easy activation and respect for rate limits of the integration.
  • Seamless integration with Procountor: A good integration from the customers’ perspective.
  • Customer instructions on how to implement the integration, what data is transferred between the software, and how often.
  • Capability to fulfill security and privacy obligations.
  • Capability to fulfill Accountor’s corporate responsibility obligations.

Three stages of certification

”Going through the certification process with Procountor is an impressive addition from the partner’s perspective. This assures a new partner that the collaboration focuses on providing a high-quality mutual customer experience and a clear emphasis on security.”
Antti Valtonen / Greenstep Oy / Analytics Business Lead

Materials and support for software partners

  • Software partners can use Procountor logos and the company brochure, which can be found here.
  • For questions related to the partner program and collaboration, please contact Tero Lehessalo, Partner Manager, +358 40 715 1945, tero.lehessalo@finago.com
  • You can reach the Value Added Services & Partnerships team at network@finago.com
  • Technical support is available at integrations@procountor.com
  • The Procountor API developer site can be found here.
  • We continuously and actively develop our Procountor software and the Procountor API interface. Changes to the interface and the lifecycle of supported versions are announced on the version release page of the Procountor API developer site.
  • The Procountor API newsletter (Procountor Developers Newsletter) is aimed at software developers and includes, among other things, version updates, changes, and new features of the Procountor API. You can subscribe to it here.
  • The Procountor customer newsletter is aimed at our customers and includes, among other things, software news, information about software partners, and ready-made integrations.

Join as a software partner!

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