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The Partner Program Offers Significant Benefits to Accounting Firms

Partner Programme has been developed to advance accounting firms’ business and electronic financial management skills. The Partner Programme enables accountants to gain new skills and attract new customers.

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What benefits does Partner Program offer?

Our Partner Programme is aimed at dynamic accounting firms that want to complement their service offering with Procountor and remain at the cutting edge of financial management know-how. With the Partner Programme, we want to support the business growth and new business development of our affiliate accounting firms. The benefits increase with your Partner Programme level.

“At Pro-Club events I have an opportunity to network and exchange news with other financial management professionals. At super user webinars I get to hear about the latest software updates and further enhance my Procountor skills.”

Eija Piekkala
Managing Director, Procountor Gold Partner, Tilitoimisto Entitas Oy

Accountor Finago Partner Programme levels

Dedicated Account Manager
Software sales commission* 30 %/10 %30 %/10 %30 %/10 %30 %/10 %
Marketing package
Joint events (marketing/training)
Appearance on the SuomenTilitoimistot.fi website
Discounted rate for Finago Growth marketing projects-10 %-20 %
Use of training materials
Training webinars
Training package
Discount for own use of software**
Club for certified and authorised users
Partner Programme prerequisites
Accounting firm collaboration agreement
Number of end customers using electronic financial management525100
Number of certified and authorised experts13+1
* Increased commission 6 months after joining.
** Discounted software fees for own use apply to Procountor Financial Management software packages.

Join our Partner Programme now! 

Our Partner Programme is available to all accounting firms who meet the criteria. Participation is free of charge – the only requirement is your willingness to further your understanding of electronic financial management. 

Each of the four levels of the Partner Programme have significant benefits. Demonstrating your ability to use the software by taking a certification or authorisation examination and transitioning your customers to electronic financial management allow you to move to a different level. 

We help our partner accounting firms to plan and implement their marketing, and we contribute towards their marketing costs. You can for example organise a customer event with our help or ask for consulting support. 

Questions? We are happy to help!  koulutus@procountor.com

Organise a customer event with us! 

We are committed to supporting our accounting firm partners with their new business development. We can help you to organise a customer event with our sales representative demonstrating the benefits of real time financial management, Procountor and Procountor Solo. We can provide support with the content planning, implementation and invitation process of the event. We will also contribute towards the costs.

Ask your Account Manager for more information!