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Electronic Financial Management

Accountor Finago offers software that makes entirely digital financial management possible, and it is ideal for shared use between accounting firms and their corporate customers. Electronic financial management enables you to control your company’s financial management effectively, anytime and anywhere. This significantly boosts the efficiency of financial management processes since manual work phases can be automated. 

Electronic financial management is a modern approach, and serves both corporate customers and accounting firms to ensure: 

  • Increasingly profitable operations 
  • Smoother routines 
  • More efficient processes 
  • User-friendliness 
  • Better customer service 

Electronic financial management addresses the needs and challenges of traditional financial management by making work more efficient and by digitalizing workflows. It eliminates multiple overlapping work phases since information that is already in digital format is not printed as a paper copy and saved again. This saves time, resulting in cost savings. 

Procountor Financial Management 

All the features you need in order to carry out your company’s financial management. 

An easy-to-use and reliable solution for digital financial management that is affordable and quick to install. Procountor Financial Management adapts to different needs and is suitable for shared use by businesses and accounting firms.