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Finago Network

Integrate your software with Accountor Finago’s financial management software. Finago Network is a partner program designed for all software interacting with Accountor Finago. We welcome you to join us!

Finago Network offers significant benefits for software partners

Finago Network supports the business of Finago’s software partners. With the partner program, we offer exposure and cooperation and create a better overall offering for our mutual customers.

Finago Network offers its partners significant benefits, including

  • exposure on the Accountor Finago website
  • authorized use of the Finago Network logo according to the level
  • training and consultation services regarding integrations and software use
  • opportunity for joint marketing
  • opportunity to participate in events organized by Accountor Finago
  • access to the partner community
  • appointed contact person at Accountor Finago to facilitate cooperation
  • commercial case-by-case cooperation in the form of reselling commissions, for example.

Finago Network consists of three levels: IntegratorMember, and Partner. The higher the level, the better the benefits.

Benefits of the Finago Network Partner levelsIntegratorMemberPartner
Exposure on the Accountor Finago websiteNameDescriptionExtended description
Authorized use of the Finago Network logo
Discount on training and consulting20 %40 %
Opportunity for marketing cooperationSubject to a charge
Networking eventsSubject to a charge
Access to the partner community
Appointed contact person
Commercial cooperationAs agreed
Prerequisites for partnership
Ensuring compatibility and user experienceDocumentationJoint testing
Mutual customer companies5+50+
Appropriate Code of Conduct
Approving general terms and conditions of partnership
Partnership agreement

Want to join the Finago Network partner program?

The Finago Network partner program is open to all companies offering software that interacts with the Finago products and meets the criteria for the partner program. An integration using API interfaces or a solution utilizing export files are some of the examples of interaction between software. Participation in the program is free of charge.

All three levels of the partner program contain significant benefits, and you can move from one level to another when the prerequisites are met. The partnership level is software-specific.

Interested in further details? Learn more about the path of the partner program.