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Procountor customer stories for accounting offices

The software of the Accountor Finago product family is already in use in more than 120,000 companies
and more than 1,600 accounting offices in the Nordics. The comprehensive accounting software is available through a single contract bringing you all the electronic accounting tools you need and wide-ranging connections.

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“Accountor Finago’s Project Onni is like your own personal trainer, pushing you forward in an encouraging manner. Especially the ongoing support provided by Sales, Training and Steering Group helped with the switchover.”

Sanna Mikkola
Managing Director, Taloushallinta Uniikki Oy
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“During the project we became very competent at using Procountor, although the thought of a completely new accounting software package was daunting. We were given guidance on the use and were able to ask questions as they arose.”

Niina Usva-Kanteh
Riihimäen Tilitoimisto
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“The work of an accountant becomes substantially more meaningful when the recording of transactions is not required and instead the work is focused on active guidance and collaboration.”

Anne Mertaoja
CEO, Talouskonsultointi Mertaoja Oy
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“Had I not signed up to Project Onni I would not have been able to persuade my customers to switch to electronic financial management so soon. I can wholeheartedly recommend Procountor Onni to anyone transitioning to use Procountor.”

Tarja Frimodig
Tilipalvelu Calcurium
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“At Pro-Club events I have an opportunity to network and exchange news with other financial management professionals. At super user webinars I get to hear about the latest software updates and further enhance my Procountor skills.”

Eija Piekkala
Managing Director, Procountor Gold Partner, Tilitoimisto Entitas Oy
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