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Procountor Key makes mobile use easy

Logging into Procountor Financials and confirming payments in Procountor Solo is easy with the Procountor Key application. You no longer need traditional passwords.

Procountor Key – easier and safer way to login to Procountor

You will no longer need traditional passwords. Procountor key mobile app verifies your login to Procountor.

procountor key

Logging into Procountor takes place with a username and personal password, after which the login is confirmed with Procountor Key. Alternatively, you can continue to login using one-time passwords.

Procountor Key is free for all Procountor users and available for iOS and Android devices.
Procountor Key features versatile identification options and can also be used with several usernames and devices.

The Key is also used for confirming payments in Procountor mobile and Procountor Solo.

Procountor Key is secure and always requires identification (biometric or PIN) before login or payment confirmation.

Read more about Procountor Key from our online manual.

Download Procountor Key now

Procountor Key is a free application available to all Procountor users. You can download it on your phone from the iOS and Android application stores.