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Accounting software

Reliable and easy to use accounting software package

Doing your bookkeeping online is easy when using Procountor. Getting your company set up is quick and billing is based on the number of transactions, without extra costs. Transaction-based billing means that your company only pays for what you use.  

Procountor is a reliable accounting software solution and it is regularly updated to meet the latest regulatory requirements. Procountor generates income statements, balance sheets, general journals and general ledgers as per the relevant legal requirements.  

In addition to the basic reports, the system can also produce project reports and other subject reports for accounting purposes, as well as comparison reports. It also allows you to generate your financial statement at the end of the accounting period.  

It is quick and easy to get started with Procountor. Our experts will give you the required training and help you to get up to speed. After that, you will have access to our free customer support, and our comprehensive user guide is available on the internet 24/7.  

How do I manage my bookkeeping quickly and easily, using Procountor? 

Procountor has all the information required for your company’s bookkeeping and accounting stored in one place, which makes it straightforward to manage your company’s finances on the internet. Your accountant, payroll staff and other staff all use the same software, which means that real time reports and monitoring financial management are instantly available to everyone. Additionally, it is very simple to use Procountor, and no complicated software installations are required.  

If you would like to check individual bookkeeping lines, Procountor’s reports provide an easy access to the detail behind the numbers. Bookkeeping entries can also be automated, using default postings.  

Interested in Procountor Financials?

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How will Procountor’s automated bookkeeping speed up your work? 

With Procountor, your company’s bookkeeping is generated automatically.  

Each document, be it a sales invoice or a bank statement, is automatically included in your bookkeeping when it is saved, and thanks to our intelligent automation, your bookkeeping is always up to date. The default account map and default postings, as well as management accounting objects, can be customised to meet each company’s specific needs.  

Procountor generates income statements, balance sheets, general journals and general ledgers as per the relevant legal requirements. In addition to the basic reports, the system can also produce project reports and other subject reports for accounting purposes, as well as comparison reports. It also allows you to generate your financial statement at the end of the accounting period.

What is Procountor’s data security like?

We take data security seriously – for example, when logging in, we use two-factor identification, and overall, the software operates very much like online banking. All connections are encrypted, and in the background, the software is constantly backing up the data.

How are software updates carried out?

All Procountor software updates are carried out automatically once a month. This means that users do not need to worry about them, and expensive licence or server investments are not required. We regularly add new features and usability improvements and address our customers’ needs when enhancing the software. This means that you can always be sure to have an up-to-date, evolving and market leading financial management software package.

Features of Procountor accounting software

Procountor allows you to manage your end-to-end accounting using just one program. In addition to the accounting features listed below, Procountor has many additional features which you can find out more about here. 

  • Suomen Perustililuettelo, short version 
  • Specifications of accounts for registered charities and property management companies 
  • Six dimensions for management accounting (number dependent of Procountor version) 
  • Bookkeeping and accounting compiled based on all transactions and documents 
  • Comprehensive defaults which enable you to amend the automated bookkeeping 
  • Management and bookkeeping of memo vouchers 
  • Main accounting reports: income statements, balance sheets, general journals and general ledgers
  • Graphical comparison reports for general ledgers and general journals  
  • Budget 
  • Additional reports for management accounting 
  • Deferral function 
  • Financial statement and balance sheet itemisation 
  • Reconciliation 
  • Electronic archive 
  • Joint use between your business and your accountant 
  • Saving tool 

Many of our customers believe that Procountor is the best accounting software. Read testimonials on Procountor shared by our satisfied customers. 

“The work of an accountant becomes substantially more meaningful when the recording of transactions is not required and instead the work is focused on active guidance and collaboration.”

Anne Mertaoja
CEO, Talouskonsultointi Mertaoja Oy