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Billing software

Procountor is an easy-to-use cloud-based invoicing tool. It includes all the required features to manage invoicing and sales transactions. 

It is straightforward to generate sales invoices using Procountor, especially if you take advantage of the automated functions of the program. 

When setting up a customer, it is possible to save a variety of customer specific details, which means that sales invoices can later be generated in a matter of seconds.

All features in one invoicing tool 

Procountor includes all the required features to send invoices. When using Procountor, you can generate invoices one at a time or in multiples. You can send invoices featuring your own logo as e-invoices or directly by email, and also schedule them. 

You can also add a printing service for paper invoices, and having to seal envelopes becomes history.  

The tool also includes a customer register and product register, efficient search function for invoices, reports, payment reminders, accounts receivable, etc. 

Easy-to-use invoicing tool from start to finish 

Procountor financial management software is an efficient and comprehensive cloud-based invoicing tool. It includes all the required features to manage invoicing and sales transactions.

Generating invoices 

The invoicing tool allows you to generate invoices one at a time or more efficiently in multiples. 

Sending invoices 

Sending sales invoices using Procountor is straightforward and done using the same tool, regardless whether they are to be sent by post using the printing service, as e-invoices or by email. Separate agreements with the post office or e-invoice operators are not required – these are already included in our service. Thanks to our transaction-based pricing you only pay for your actual use of the invoicing tool. 

Automated bookkeeping and accounts receivable process 

Invoices that have been generated and sent are automatically saved in bookkeeping and accounts receivable, which is updated automatically based on electronic bank statements and referenced transfers received from the bank. 

Bookkeeping is updated automatically by Procountor based on product, customer or document defaults.  

Efficient search facility 

It is easy to search for open sales invoices using Procountor and sending payment reminders can also be done using the tool.  

Comprehensive reports 

Invoices are associated with the customer register and product register, which enables comprehensive reporting on sales.  

Features of Procountor invoicing tool

  • Sales invoicing tool and bookkeeping  
  • Generation of sales orders and related bookkeeping, sending of order confirmations and quotes 
  • Bulk sending of invoices, scheduled invoicing 
  • Invoices can be sent as e-invoices, by post, by email and as hard copies 
  • Sending of consumer e-invoices (Finvoice format) 
  • Generation of payment reminders and sending them by post, by email and as hard copies 
  • Calculation of debt collection fees and interest on arrears 
  • Attachments for sales invoices that are sent as e-invoices, by post and by email  
  • Maintenance of customer and product registers 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Graphical reports to show customers and products 
  • List of open sales invoices 
  • Automatic updating of accounts receivable 
  • Direct payments 
  • Contract invoicing 
  • Inventory management 
  • Work item invoicing 
  • Electronic debt collection 
  • External financing (factoring) 
  • Adding your company logo to the invoice 


How does the Procountor invoicing tool work? 

When using the Procountor invoicing tool, generating and sending invoices only takes a few clicks. And you can speed up the generation of sales invoices even further if you save the details of customers and products to be invoiced. Invoices generated using the tool can be sent as e-invoices, by email or by post, and generated and sent invoices are automatically saved in bookkeeping and accounts receivable. 

What features does the Procountor invoicing tool include? 

When using Procountor the whole invoicing process is efficient. The invoicing tool includes all the required functionality to carry out invoicing and management of sales transactions. Payment reminders can also be sent directly using the program. 

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