E-invoicing using Procountor

E-invoices are invoices that are issued electronically. When using e-invoicing, the invoice can be processed automatically, and on the computer screen it looks like a conventional invoice. E-invoices can be sent to both businesses and consumers. 

What is an e-invoice?

E-invoices sent to businesses 

E-invoice is an invoice that is transmitted electronically. Legislation on e-invoicing dictates that in trade between companies, either party has the right to ask for the invoice in electronic format.  

E-invoicing brings many benefits to invoicing between companies since an e-invoice can be transmitted automatically from the biller’s or service provider’s system to the recipient’s financial management or other system.  

E-invoices sent to consumers

Consumer e-invoice is sent to the service chosen by the recipient and it has a direct connection to electronic payment functionality using internet banking.  

With Procountor’s e-invoicing service it is possible to send consumer e-invoices using the Finvoice e-invoicing standard. E-invoice is a consumer style invoice that is sent to the customer’s online bank and is paid using the online banking application. A consumer style Finvoice e-invoice is called a consumer e-invoice.

E-invoicing saves time

E-invoices benefit the recipient and the sender alike.

  • Invoice information being transferred automatically to different financial management functions saves time. 
  • Invoice processing becomes more efficient. 
  • Speeds up monetary transactions. 
  • With no manual tasks, reduces the risk for errors. 
  • Reduces material costs. 
  • E-invoice is an ecological alternative.  
  • Invoices become more accurate and error-free. 
  • Reduces processing costs for invoices.  

What is e-invoicing?

Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing means that invoices are transmitted electronically. E-invoicing can be used both between companies and with consumers.  

Consumer e-invoice is sent to the service chosen by the recipient and it enables a direct connection to their internet banking to pay the invoice. Often e-invoices are sent directly to the customer’s own online bank, making it easy to pay them.  

When it comes to e-invoicing between companies, legislation on e-invoicing applies. This dictates that in trade between companies, either party has the right to ask for the invoice in electronic format. 

How does e-invoicing work? 

E-invoices can be generated easily, for example by using a financial management software tool. The recipient receives the invoice to their own application via the e-invoice operator. The recipient can pay the invoice easily using the application and no paper copies are needed. 

The benefits of e-invoicing are ease and security. E-invoicing is quick and because manual tasks are not required, the risk for errors is eliminated.

You can rely on Procountor’s e-invoicing tool

Receiving e-invoices using Procountor saves time and effort.

  • Invoices are automatically saved in the system with the status showing as “Received”. They don’t need to be saved manually. 
  • Bookkeeping entries are automatically generated under the default accounts for the purchases. 
  • Product codes can be used with purchase e-invoices to automatically allocate the product information as stated in the procurement register, as long as the register and invoice use the same code.  
  • If an invoice approval cycle has been set up, the first approver will receive an automatic email notification to inform of a new invoice.

E-invoices sent using Procountor benefit from speed and accuracy. 

  • Generating and sending e-invoices is easy and effortless. 
  • E-invoices are delivered fast and are always accurate as no manual tasks are required. 
  • E-invoices can have one or more attachments. 

Use Procountor tools to maximise the benefit from e-invoices

  • Using OpusCapita’s and banks’ e-invoicing connections enables you to use e-invoices with practically any Finnish company that has an e-invoice address.  
  • All e-invoices also include supplementary information, either as a .pdf or as a link to the supplier portal. This means that an e-invoice sent from Procountor is convenient also for the recipient.  
  • Procountor is connected to Tieke Ry’s national e-invoice address book for Finland which enables you to find your customers’ e-invoice addresses easily and add them to their records. This means that missing e-invoice details will not prevent you from sending e-invoices.  

How to start using e-invoicing?

1. Start using the tool easily 

Start using Procountor, and it is easy to enable e-invoicing.

2. Open the connections

When setting up Procountor, your company can be assigned e-invoice operator OpusCapita’s e-invoice login details that are connected with Procountor.

3. Take advantage of the Finvoice format

It is possible to use Finvoice e-invoice addresses issued by banks with Procountor e-invoicing. 

4. Send your invoice

Starting to use e-invoices for your sales invoices is straightforward: all you need to do is to find and save e-invoice addresses for those customers who can receive electronic invoices and select “e-invoice” under invoice delivery method. Having done this, the invoice and any supplementary information is sent electronically when you click on it.

5. Start using e-invoice features

You can start using e-invoice features by contacting our customer support: asiakaspalvelu@procountor.com. More information about how to get started can be found in the Procountor user guide. 

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