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Payroll software

Procountor software includes an easy-to-use payroll tool. It enables you to carry out your pay calculations, wage payments and any related statutory notifications completely electronically. 

Procountor includes an easy-to-use payroll program. It enables you to carry out your pay calculations and payments, and any payroll related statutory tasks and communications.

Procountor includes an easy-to-use payroll tool which enables you to carry out your pay calculations and wage payments, and any payroll related statutory notifications. The program can calculate income tax and other deductions automatically. Additionally, Procountor maintains a comprehensive salary type register and tracks the annually changing values of benefits and other changeable information such as employer deductions set by the authorities. All of these are always up to date and available when using Procountor for payroll management.

How to use Procountor for pay calculations? 

To start off with, the payroll settings for your Procountor environment must be defined and employees need to be set up. Once this has been done, new pay lists can be set up and pay calculations can be edited if required. When pay slips are ready to be sent and paid, they can be sent to employees using the chosen method and paid either by bank transfer or using the wage payment method. Wages can be paid directly using Procountor and there is no need for a separate payment transactions program. Pay information is automatically transferred to bookkeeping, financial management reports and authorities. Pay details are sent to the income register using the earnings payment notification and employer’s separate report.

How does Procountor deliver pay slips to employees? 

Procountor can send pay slips to employees using several different methods. The following ways are available:  

  • Internet pay 
  • Post 
  • Mobile pay (employees can receive their pay information using the Procountor Mini mobile application) 
  • Procountor (employees can have a Procountor user account set up, to enable them to see their pay slip) 
  • E-mail 

How does Procountor work out holiday calculations? 

It is possible to enable Procountor to carry out holiday calculations. When using this tool, Procountor automatically calculates holiday pay and annual leave entitlement according to pre-set information. Each employee can be assigned the correct holiday accrual rule. Procountor uses this to calculate their holiday entitlement, based on previous pay slips. It is also possible to activate holiday pay accrual.  

Procountor – payroll features:

  • Pay calculation tool and pay related bookkeeping 
  • Pay slip sent to employee 
  • Maintenance of person and employee registers 
  • Salary type register and its automatic maintenance 
  • Automatic updates to annually changing values (i.e. benefit and employer contribution percentages) 
  • Holiday entitlement and holiday pay calculations 
  • Payroll reports 
  • Payment of wages as SEPA-payments 
  • Generation and submission of payroll related statutory notifications

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