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Travel invoice software

Submit travel and expense claims easily using Procountor. 

Travel expense claims are submitted by employees to claim back costs that they have personally paid for in relation to their business travel on behalf of their employer. A travel expense claim should always state the date and time of departure and return, destination and purpose of the journey. 

Receipts are required for all expenses, such as taxi fares, hotel and restaurant claims, tool expenses and other eligible expenses. Daily allowance in line with the current rules will also need to be included in the claim.  

Generate travel expense claims easily using Procountor 

All users within the organisation can submit their travel expenses easily using their personal log-in details, even when on the go. Procountor automatically updates current rates for daily allowance and kilometre allowance, making it straightforward to claim expenses.  

Authorisation and payment of expenses are done using Procountor. Saved expense claims are also automatically transferred to bookkeeping, default dimensions (i.e. projects) and annual payroll notifications. Companies who deal with a large number of travel expense claims can further enhance their financial management by using Procountor’s Eurocard subscription – it will speed up the processing of card purchases and travel account transactions. 

Travel and expense claims tool

  • Generation of travel and expense claims, accuracy check, approval and bookkeeping 
  • Travel calculator to simplify travel claims 
  • Scanned receipts as attachments 
  • Maintenance of person register 
  • Maintenance of product register for travel claims (kilometre allowance, daily allowance, etc.) 
  • Graphical reports for travel and expense products 
  • List of open claims 
  • Travel and expense claim payments to individuals 
  • Ledger updated automatically based on bank statement data 
  • Eurocard service as additional feature 

Procountor Mini – financial management in your pocket

With Procountor Mini, you can create a travel invoice already during your trip. Mini also allows you to create individual expense invoices and easily approve and check invoices anywhere and at any time. Procountor Mini is available for all users of Procountor Financials.

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