New features in Procountor version 64.0

Version 64.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, May 21st.


In May’s version update, we released new useful tools for following and promoting the use of your new APIX invoicing addresses. In addition, we added new features and other improvements for average hourly handling in payroll.

APIX migration and announcing invoicing addresses to suppliers

Fetch the suppliers’ information straight from the supplier register and send the supplier announcements from within the tool

We have continued developing and improving the new supplier announcement tool. The tool can be used to inform your suppliers about your new invoicing addresses, such as the new APIX e-invoice addresses.

You can now send announcements to your suppliers directly via the tool. Regardless, it is still possible to use the announcement tool only for downloading/copying an announcement text and send the announcements from your personal email.

The creation of new announcements can be started in: Management > Company info > E-invoice and Scanning addresses. After selecting the addresses and the announcement language, you can select the delivery method: email, mail or email + mail.

After selecting the delivery method, the next phase is selecting suppliers. By default, the tool suggests suppliers that have sent invoices during the previous 18 months. Only suppliers with a valid address (mail address or email address) can be selected. In case any supplier information needs to be changed, the changes need to be done in the supplier register.

After the suppliers have been selected, you will see a confirmation window where you can preview the announcement contents. In addition, a summary of how many suppliers will be informed will be shown.

Please note that sending supplier announcements directly from the announcement tool is subject to additional charges based on your customer contract and current price list.

See how many suppliers use your old invoicing addresses

We have added a new widget related to the ongoing APIX migration in our previous version releases. The widget contains information on the APIX operator change and is visible in those Procountor environments where the new addresses are in use.

The Apix widget has now been enhanced with a tracking tool that shows the number of suppliers that send invoices to your old receiving channels (OC einvoice and scan and Xerox scan). The counter on the widget lists the number of all unhandled suppliers who have sent invoices to your old addresses during the previous full calendar month. The list is updated monthly. For example in June, you will see the list for May.

Clicking on the supplier count opens a simple tool that lists the suppliers and their email and street address. Users can mark them as handled after contacting the suppliers and asking them to use your new addresses. The tool can thus be used to track and share your progress with your colleagues who can see the same information (based on their user rights). Note that handling the list is not mandatory but can be useful.

Note! The renewed widget will be visible for users on 1.6. as this is the first day when information for the entire previous month (May) can be shown.

Payroll: Average hourly handling

Average hourly value on PDF salary slip

An employee’s average hourly value can be displayed to the employee on a PDF salary slip. The average hourly value are printed on the salary slip when the “Show average hourly on salary slip (PDF)” is checked in Management – Company Information – Usage Settings

New selection view for average hourly calculation

When using the average hourly calculation feature, the Calculate button now lists all salary slips that meet the slips search criteria. The user can select the salary slips to be included in the calculation of the average hourly.

The salary slip in the list is excluded from the calculation by default in the following cases:

  • if the search criteria is the payment period
  • and the payment period of the salary slip is only partially in the selected payment period
  • and the salary slip has already been included in some previous calculation

Clicking on the employee’s name on the list opens the salary slip view.

Other improvements

  • Previously, salary slips to be included in the average hourly calculation were searched by the payday. Now, in addition to the payday, salary slips can also be searched by the payment period.
  • Instead of the average hourly value, the unit price of the salary type is restored to the default value of the salary type if the employee or salary type no longer uses the average hourly or no valid average hourly value can be found for the employee.
  • Changing slip’s payday does not change the Average hourly value used by the slip rows on a copied salary slip.