Procountor’s new features in December 2022

From December 17th onwards Procountor offers you improved working hour reduction handling. It is easier to create a new labor union, and percentage based union fee calculation is now available. Also, there are improvements for users and priviledges export. You can read more about these and many other improvements of the December’s update on the Procountor Guide.

Working hour reduction

  • Working hour reduction handling of worked hours in salary slip rows for two years
  • Working time can be allocated to two separate calendar year by using earnings period in salary rows
  • When payment period is going over one year user is able to allocate working days for the right years
  • Automatic copying of Working hour reduction settings for new year
  • Possibility to edit working hour reduction settings added

Read more about working hour reduction on the User Guide

Users and priviledges export

  • Now exports have data for all selected users currently on results.
  • Export is now possible to do also in PDF format, so users can ake lists in non editable format as well.

Read more about users and priviledges on the User Guide

Labor union fee and settings

  • Percentage based union fee calculation is now available
  • Union fee history button has now been changed to be always visible
  • Labor union settings button in salary info takes you directly to the selected labor union settings.
  • The create a new labor union function in the Management > Labor union have been moved to the top as a button.

Read more on the User Guide

Other improvements

Better readability for sales invoices

Header and explanation texts can now be added to product rows in sales orders, sales offers and sales invoices. These texts help to structure sales invoice contents for better readability. Please see more on the user guide.

Incomes register changes

In 2023, the Incomes Register will no longer accept spaces or other non-printable characters in the occupational accident insurance policy number.

Salary slips for year 2023

Insurance percentages for 2023 are added to the salaries basic info. Also we have added the car- and accommodation benefit values for 2023.

Read more on the user guide

Income tax announcement

We have updated the Tax announcement 5 for year 2022 and released the income tax announcement 6A for year 2022.