Procountor’s new features in November 2022

Version 69.0 of Procountor was published on November 19th. This release introduces a report for working hour reduction, a new labor union view and improvements in Employee union fee settings as well as in fixed union fee. In addition, new features have been added to help accountants working with Procountor Solo customers.

New features to help accountants working with Procountor Solo customers

New information and filter criteria on Quick info view

Company information now includes information about tracking periods in status pending. For accountant this means that customer using Solo has delivered content and monthly materials. New information under company is “Pending periods” and “Pending periods modified”. Pending periods show which tracking periods are in status pending, if there are multiple periods then we show “Multiple pending” instead of huge list. Modified gives user information when content was last time delivered. Both are only visible for environments that currently have tracking periods on status pending.

There are also new filters for Product version, only environments with tracking period on pending status and possibility to sort by pending period modify timestamp. With these filters Solo accountants can easily filter which customers have recently sent content for their company.

A new report for working hour reduction

The report can be found in Payroll > Reports > Working hour reduction report
or in
Reports > Salary reports > Working hour reduction report.

The report show Employee information, cumulative working time, earned working hour reduction, remaining working hour reduction and pay.

Salary slips need to be at least approved status so that they are taken into the report. Report’s start date needs to be the first day of January in selected year, end date can be selected. If a slip is partially in the future it can be removed from the report. Exporting report to excel and PDF will be released in next release.

Employee union fee settings and fixed union fee

Employee salary info in Employee register has now a new labor union view.
Labor union settings, that were released in August, can now be selected for an employee.
Additionally fixed union fee works automatically all the way to the salary slip.

Please see Procountor user guide for additional information.

Next we release percentage based union fee. Work for the union fee purchase invoice has also been started. The automated purchase invoice solution will take into account the option that you take the solution into use and create manual purchase invoices before the automated invoice solution.

Other improvements

Mandatory fields on e-invoice

When a customer invoice is created and the selected invoice channel is Electronic invoice, there are mandatory fields. Please see more on the user guide.

Limited access to E-invoice and scanning addresses

Access to the E-invoice and scanning addresses view is limited only to environments that have e-invoices in use.

Removal of button “Update reporting database”

In our last version release the Update reporting database button was greyed out and disabled on the reconciliation report for open invoices (Accounting > Reconciliation tools > Reconciliation report for open invoices). Since the view is automatically updated when the page loads, the button is not needed and is therefore no longer displayed.

VAT defaults and VAT statuses should be locked in Solo environments

VAT statuses and percentages can’t be modified on VAT defaults view in Solo environments anymore. The values have also been set to default values, if they have been modified.