Improvements to reporting and working hour reduction handling – Procountor’s new features in October 2022

Version 68.0 of Procountor will be published on October 15th. This version introduces several small improvements to e.g. reporting and product row comments. In addition, the working hour reduction functionality is extended.

Improvements to accounting reports

Disabled “Update reporting database” button in the Reconciliation report for open invoices

We have disabled the button Update reporting database in the Reconciliation report for open invoices. The button is now grayed out and displays a hover text: “This button is no longer used because the information is automatically updated when the page loads“.

Please note that we will keep the disabled Update reporting database-button on the view for one month, after which it will be removed entirely.

Removed suffixes from view names

We have removed the suffix “(new)” from the button Report formulas (new) that is displayed in Accounting > Accounting reports (new). The button is now named Report formulas.

Report type now always visible on report exports

The report type name (e.g. Income statement) is now always visible on the Accounting reports (new) exports. Previously, the report type was only visible in case the user had unselected the option: Hide search options in exports

Payroll: Additions to the working hour reduction functionality

We have added new features and other improvements to working hour reduction calculation. You can find more instructions HERE in our user manual.

Editing the working hour reduction settings on the employee’s Working time info view

We have added the possibility to change working hour reduction settings for an employee in their working time info view. Changing a setting will create a new time period. This time period can then be selected when calculating working hour reductions.

Editing the working days on the salary list view

A new field, “Working days for working hour reduction”, has now been added to the salary list view. You can now do adjustments for the days which earn working hour reduction already in salary list view. Days can be adjusted for employees whose earning method is “days” (set in the working hour reduction settings). The field value is prefilled, however the number can be adjusted for all in upper field or individually in the employee table below.

Improved texts on the salary list view

Some of the texts on the salary list view have been updated. The new texts describe the functionality of each field better. E.g. the title ” “Working time allocations for earning holidays” has been renamed as “Working time allocations”, which implies that the fields now affect all working time sensitive calculation, not only holiday calculation.

Product row comments renewal

You can add comments to product rows on several receipt types: : sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders, purchase invoices, travel invoices, expense invoices and sales offers. Comments can be readable on the receipts, depending on your invoice settings. Some of the features related to these comments have now been renewed.

Renamed components related to comments

Some of the components (fields, headers etc.) related to comments have been renamed.

We have renamed:

  • (Under ‘Row information’) ‘Comment row’ button to Comment
  • (Under ‘Row information’) ‘Comment row’ column name to Comment
  • (In Comment dialog) Header ‘Comment row’ to Comment
  • (In Comment dialog) ‘Continue’ button to Save

Increased maximum limit of comment characters

The length of Comments has been increased from 255 to 512 characters. You can thus now write longer comments than before.

Informing the user about the maximum number of characters allowed in comments

The comment dialog that is used when adding comments on product rows now informs users about maximum number of characters allowed and number of characters that have been entered. If length of the comment exceeds 512 characters, the user will be unable to save the changes until changes have been made so that the number of characters is within the maximum allowed.

Other improvements

The info box related to the Apix operator change is removed

The Apix info box on Procountor’s frontpage has been hidden. The information box has contained information regarding the Apix operator change and invoices received to old OpusCapita addresses. Starting from October, old OpusCapita addresses are removed from use entirely and invoices are received only via Apix. Read more about the operator change HERE.

Unified information texts

The info texts (the instructions) of these following features and views have been moved and can now be found behind the Info-button. The info texts are thus more unified, as the Info-button is already in use in other views.

  • Verification of multiple invoices
  • Setting of multiple invoices marked paid
  • Payment and sending errors
  • Editing of multiple business partners
  • Settings of receipt dimensions
  • Group invoice

Added translations

Country names in dropdown menus are now translated to the language set by the user. The country dropdown is used e.g. on invoice views, when the customer’s or supplier’s address is being defined.

Using foreign IBAN addresses on financing agreements now possible

We have added a possibility to add foreign IBAN addresses to the Financing agreements view. We have also added an automatic BIC code field fill to Finnish IBAN addresses. This functionality, however, is not available for foreign addresses.