Procountor’s new features in May 2023

Procountor’s latest version 76.0 will be released on Saturday, May 20, 2023. The version update will introduce the following functionalities:

  • Union fee report can now be found as pdf-version.
  • When trying to export union fee report as a file, there might be a message about incompatible data. It guided user to check more detailed info in the grid. Now those messages are more clearly shown what is causing the problem to generate the file.
  • We have added first and last buttons to Invoice image panel on invoices for an easier navigation with first and last pages.
  • Changes were made to how the API client was identified on sales invoices, with a new order of precedence: software name then display name, both with API client ID in parentheses, or just the API client ID if neither name is available.
  • The Invoicing History view under Management now includes detailed information about API invoiced fees. These details include base fees, customer fees, and integration fees for both the accounting office and general API clients. The update does not affect Ledger environments.
  • The number of receipts included in the Alku product has been changed from five to three.
  • Usage of salary slips in Procountor Ledger product version is now being invoiced. Note that invoicing details for the salary slip usage in the attachment PDF are not yet listed under specific Ledger environments. This will be fixed in coming releases. Before the fix this information is found from the invoicing history.

For more information about the new features please click to Procountor Guide.