Procountor’s new features in June 2023

Procountor’s latest version 77.0 will be released on Saturday, May 17th, 2023. The version update will introduce the following functionalities:

  • New holiday pay calculation basis percentage for construction 14%+4,5% has been released for Procountor users. This 18.5% vacation pay is calculated from the earnings of the vacation year. Several tools are available for determining cumulative earnings and managing vacation days. The first 24 vacation days are considered as summer vacation days, the next 6 as winter vacation days. The accumulation of vacation days is shown to the employee separately.
    Holiday wages are paid with separate wage types: 2213 Holiday wage, construction sector 14% (summer holiday wage) and 2214 Holiday wage, construction sector 4.5% (winter holiday wage). Both can be paid with the same salary statement. Daily changes and corrections are managed with special buttons.
    Retrospective vacation calculation is not possible. The accrued and remaining vacation days are entered manually. Summer and winter vacation days are entered in separate fields. Information can be updated for several people at the same time in the Setting vacation information view or with an import file. However, summer and winter vacation days must be entered separately.
  • With Procountor’s Maksuvahti collection service, you can transfer overdue sales invoices to Kravia for collection. The onboarding of the Maksuvahti is started in Procountor on the Management > Company info > Debt collection settings page by setting Maksuvahti (Kravia) as the collection partner and accepting the terms of use. The transfer of invoices to the collection service can be done manually or automatically using the criteria defined in the settings. In Kravia’s online portal, you can follow the progress of the collection.

For more information about the new features please click to Procountor Guide.