Procountor’s new features in August 2023

Procountor’s latest version 78.0 will be released on Saturday, August 19th, 2023. The version update will introduce the following functionalities:

  • Bank of Finland has changed the penalty interest rate for the second half of 2023 (1.7.-31.12.2023). Previously the penalty interest rate was 10,5%. The new penalty interest rate applicable to commercial contracts is 12 %. New penalty interest rate 12% is now updated to Procountor.
  • We have made it possible to customize percentages which are used for Percentage holiday pay. The calculation basis is based on percentage holiday pay which is calculated from the cumulative earning earned during the holiday credit year. Percentages and salary types which affect the cumulative earnings can be defined in Management > Salary info > Holiday pay settings (collective agreements) view after creation of new collective agreement. When creating a new collective agreement where calculation basis Percentage is selected, software will show pre-filled percentages 9% for under one year employment and 11,5% for over one year employment. At this point it’s possible to edit these percentages. Percentages are not editable anymore once the collective agreement has been created. Paying holiday pay is done with already existing salary type 2208 Holiday pay, percentage (automated calc.) and by using Holiday pay-button. Correcting holiday pay is done by using Holiday correction button.
  • We have created two new salary types: 1521 Commission 2 (duplicate for salary type 1520). 1496 Other regular compensation 2 (duplicate for salary type 1495).
  • On Accounting > Balance sheet itemisation -view, user still needed to click ‘Update reporting database’ button to get the up-to-date values to the view. We have now removed the ‘Update reporting database’ -button from the view as the view automatically updates the real time values when loading the view.

For more information about the new features please click to Procountor Guide.