Procountor’s new features in September 2023

Procountor’s latest version 79.0 will be released on Saturday, September 16th, 2023. The version update will introduce the following functionalities:

  • The new Maksuvahti reminder and collection service with automatic payment monitoring is integrated into the Procountor. With the service, you can repatriate open receivables efficiently and easily so that the customer relationship is maintained despite current payment difficulties. With Maksuvahti’s automatic payment monitoring, you can automate the reminder of unpaid invoices. With timely reminders, it is possible to ensure the repatriation of receivables as quickly as possible. The service has been implemented together with our partner Kravia Finland Oy and is available directly from Procountor.
    The onboarding of the Maksuvahti-service is started in Procountor on the Management > Company info > Debt collection settings view by setting Maksuvahti (Kravia) as the collection partner.
    The overdue sales invoice is transferred to the Maksuvahti reminder service in Procountor’s Payment reminder -function with the “Start Maksuvahti service” button. Overdue sales invoices can also be transferred to Maksuvahti automatically. 
    Please note that we have moved all debt collection settings from Management > Company info > Usage settings to a new view Management > Company info > Debt collection settings.
  • After September release users have access to new User Rights Management view where it will be easier to manage users and their rights. The new view offers tools for filtering users in the list by their rights and and has overall refreshed outlook. User rights are also in a new order to better group user rights settings and to make it easier to find related settings. New view also prevents settings combinations that might occur by accident and prevents users working in Procountor.

For more information about the new features please click to Procountor Guide.