Procountor’s new features in November 2023

Procountor’s latest version 81.0 will be released on Saturday, November 18th, 2023. The version update introduces the following functionalities:

  • From now on cost receipt must have at least one attachment. User is informed about this in Attachment panel. And when creating or editing cost receipt in Edit cost receipt, the only attachment can no longer be deleted since files are deleted immediately and cannot be restored.
  • New Procountor Junior Dimensioning will help users to automate their dimensioning to purchase invoices. Junior Dimensioining is an AI assistant that predicts dimensions and dimension item to on purchase invoices’ Verification view. Functionality complements the alerady existing Junior posting predictions. The feature has it’s own usage setting so can also be used separate from the posting prediction Junior.
    • Procountor Junior Dimensioning free of charge for rest of the year 2023!
    • Procountor Junior Dimensioning is available to some Financials product packages and is available with a monthly fee
  • Improvements in Maksuvahti debt collection service:
    • User can now decide to skip the KYC (Know Your Customer) questions during the Maksuvahti onboarding process and answer them later, when the contract is signed. This allows accounting offices to onboard their customer companies on behalf of them and leave the questions to be answered directly to Kravia by the contact person of the company.
    • If an invoice has been sent as an e-invoice, we now send the e-invoice information to Kravia, when that invoice is transferred to Maksuvahti.
    • Financed invoices won’t be sent to Maksuvahti by the automation. They can be sent manually, if necessary.

For more information about the new features please click to Procountor Guide.