New features in Procountor version 58.0

Version 58.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, December 18th.


In the version release of December, we release year-end-related changes to salary calculation and salary types. Also, we release a new path for creating a new journal receipt and several usability improvements.


New payer type

We have added a new payer type Pool of household employers to the Salaries basic info view (Management > Salary info > Salaries basic info).
From the year 2022 onward, the Incomes Register requires two payer types to be reported on the Employer’s Separate Report: Household and Pool of household employers.

Car benefit

The taxable value of low emission car benefit vehicles will be given a discount of 85€ per month for 2022-2025. This change concerns vehicles, which have the measured CO2-emission between 1-100 g/km, which basically means hybrid or natural gas vehicles.

The car benefit calculator within Procountor now has a field for emission value and the calculator will give a discount of 85€ if the emission is between 1-100.

  • Emission value is sent to the Incomes Register.
  • Field should be left empty if the emission value is more than 100.

Incomes register’s error codes

New error codes from the Incomes Register for 2022 have been updated to Procountor

New salary types and name changes for existing salary types

Name changes for existing salary types:

  • 7030 Employer-subsidised commuter ticket, tax-exempt share, without insurances
  • 7035 Bicycle benefit, tax-exempt share, without insurances

New salary types

  • New salary type 7031 Employer-subsidised commuter ticket, tax-exempt share, with all but hci (2022-)
  • New salary type 7036 Bicycle benefit, tax-exempt share, with all but hci (2022-)

Please note!

  • New salary types 7031 and 7036 can be used with salary slips with payday starting 1st of January 2022

Corrections to salary types

It was identified that our salary types linked to income type 361 (Employee stock option with a subscription price lower than market price at the time of issue) have been marked as taxable though the income type is not taxable. The salary types are:

  • 2703 (old, valid until 31.12.2020)
  • 2705 (new, valid from 1.1.2021 the healthcare insurance was added)

As taxman identifies these as non-taxable, they will return the excess tax to the employees.
We changed the salary types to the correct category as non-taxable and thus their numbers have also changed:

  • 2703 -> 4089 Employee stock option with a subscription price lower than the market price at the time of issue (-2020)
  • 2705 -> 4090 Employee stock option with a subscription price lower than the market price at the time of issue (2021-)

Creating a new journal receipt

We have added an option to create a new journal receipt by selecting New > Journal receipt on the left side menu. Link opens the same view as Accounting > New Journal receipt selection. New path is available for same users who have been able to create new journal receipts before as well.


Usability improvements

Sales reporting

  • Sales reporting shows product code and customer number in search criteria when invoice product or invoice customer is selected.
  • We have fixed the To details button on sales reporting. Now the button shows the proper columns for sorting the report.
  • Further information about Sales reporting can be found here.

Purchase reporting

  • We have added Billdate (invoice date) and Receipt date (accounting date) options into Figures section in Purchase reporting.

Cashflow reporting

  • We have added a new Overdue column into Future details table on the view.
  • Fringe benefits are no longer included in the net pay amount of fixed salaries.

Bank statements and reference payments

  • The user will not see bank account balances on the Bank statements and reference payments view, if the bank account has transactions that have dimensions to which the user doesn’t have user rights.