New features in Procountor version 57.0

Version 56.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, November 20th.


In version update 57.0 we release new improvements to balance sheet itemization. Please notice, that all new balance sheet itemization features are available only in the Procountor environments with new chart of accounts. Further information can be found below.

Besides the new balance sheet itemization improvements, we add two new supported banks for Real time bank account balance feature, release a new way to request product and contract related changes, improve salary calculation and release several usability improvements.

Balance sheet itemization (changes for all Procountor environments)

A new column for balance sheet items

We have added own column for balance sheet item in itemization view. Column shows balance sheet item separately after manual or automatic itemization

  • Balance sheet item is shown separately with actions: Search open balance sheet items, Search transactions and with Bring previous balance itemization.
  • After using Bring previous balance itemization function for given account then all transactions from previous financial year are brought with filled Balance sheet item column, if previous transactions had balance sheet item assigned.
  • If Combine rows function has been performed, new combined row does not have Balance sheet item field filled in.

Note about unfinished transactions

We have changed the logic of the note about unfinished transactions. Note will be displayed when user changes period or dates in the view and the new changed period contains unfinished transactions.

Balance sheet itemization (changes for Procountor environments with new chart of accounts)

How do I know whether or not my Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts?

Your Procountor environment has the new cart of accounts if you have access to Chart of accounts (new) view in your Procountor environment. The Chart of accounts (new) view can be found from Management > Accounting info > Chart of accounts (new). There are two possibilities how your Procountor environment can have the new chart of accounts. (1) Your Procountor environment is new, and it has been created with the new chart of accounts (2) or you have older Procountor environment, but it has been migrated to the new chart of accounts. We are starting the migrations during the autumn 2021 and you will be notified, when your Procountor environment will be migrated to the new chart of accounts.

Further information about chart of accounts renewal in Procountor can be found here.

When your Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts, the following features will be available.

Balance sheet account settings for itemization view

It is now possible to put on simultaneously Search opening balance and Search open invoices settings in Balance account settings for itemization view.

Real-time bank account balance

Real-time bank account balance feature supports Säästöpankki and POP Pankki now.

Contract and product related changes

We have created new tool to environment’s basic info settings view to request contract and product related changes. Tool includes three forms to request different changes and open form to send open questions (only contract and product related changes, no help desk). Forms are Accounting firm update, Product package change, Termination of contract and open form to request other things. Requests are handled by administration team specialists.


Salary slip PDF

On the salary slip PDF the tax card information has been moved to the bottom of the PDF and it now also gives information of remaining limit left on the tax card. This should make it easier for the employee to see if a new tax card needs to be applied.

Salary slip PDF was previously showing tax percentage as 60% for employees that were marked not subject to withholding in Finland, and thus didn’t have a tax card. Naturally no tax was deducted, but it was erroneously showing that in the field. This has been fixed.

Salary list PDF

Salary list now contains a PDF export. Previously you could only export via right clicking the table. The new PDF report contains more information, like accounting and payment period dates.

Incomes register reports

On Employer’s separate report, the following info has been added:

“Please note that the Tax withheld in the Payment info includes salary slips that have had the “Incomes register reporting: Do not include in any report” selected. Please check if a credit slip is needed.”

The notification is shown in case such salary slips are included in the report.

A new validation in salary list creation

A validation has been added to salary list creation when creating salary list manually (i.e. premade salary periods are not used). The new validation checks that the due date is before pay day and gives information on this if it is not.

Earnings payment report search

Previously, when using Earnings payment report search, the user may have gotten the notification No results, if the user had navigated to the last page on search results and then changed the search criteria. This was due to the fact that the search results didn’t navigate back to the first page of search results.

This has been fixed so that it always shows the first page of search result.

A fix for salary list creation

The following case has been fixed: In salary list creation the salary period goes over a month e.g. 19.4. – 2.5. where the 1.-2.5 is a weekend, thus not workdays (as default). This created a scenario where there were no workdays in May, and holiday earning calculations required an amount other than zero.

Now the amount of workdays can also be zero.

Usability improvements

Sales reporting

  • We have added separate columns for product code and customer number for sales report.
  • We have fixed sales reporting product group and partner group on report shown as N/A if group-field is empty.

Payment reminders

  • Previously, if a different user sent a payment reminder ​to a customer than who sent the original invoice to the customer, and customer replied to the message, the e-mail ended up to the sender of the original invoice instead of the person sending the payment reminder. This was now fixed, so the reply goes to the person who sent the reminder.

Management reporting

  • Management reporting (new) show only more than 3 digits account numbers.