New features in Procountor version 60.0

Version 60.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, January 15th.


In January’s version update we released the tax announcement 5 and added a possibility to delete an employee who does not have salary slips or invoices. We also developed e-invoice sending and released usability improvements to reporting.


Deleting an employee

It is now possible to delete an employee, for example, in case you have created an employee into a wrong Procountor environment. Deletion is possible only if the employee has a salary base, but no salary slips, nor invoices. Deletion can be done with full payroll rights only.

An employee can be deleted in Person register (Registers > Person register) by first selecting the employee and then clicking on Edit > Delete.

Year recalculation

The Year recalculation function on the Holidays tab in the Employee register (Payroll > Employee register) has now an info text explaining when the recalculation can be done.

Tax announcements

We have updated the Tax announcement 5 for year 2021


New e-invoice operator

After January’s version update, Finnish customers will be able to select and use a new e-invoice operator (Comarch) from the Electronic invoice operator drop-down list when creating new sales invoice. Please notice, that now it is only possible to select Comarch, when you are using Apix’s e-invoice sending address. Further information (in Finnish) about OpusCapita -> Apix migration can be found here.

Foreign e-invoices

Finnish customers who have Apix as e-invoice sending operator will not need to select a random operator from the operator list when sending a foreign e-invoice. Operator can be left as empty from the drop-down list. Instructions for foreign e-invoices will soon be available in Procountor’s online manual.

Usability improvements

Sales reporting

  • We have added separate columns for product code and customer number to the table that opens when clicking on to details button on Sales reporting.
  • Previously the product group column in the table that opens when clicking on to details button may have been empty or shown as N/A, when a product did not belong to any a product group. Now the column always shows as N/A, if a product does not belong to any product group.
  • Further information about Sales reporting can be found from Procountor’s online manual.