New features in Procountor version 61.0

Version 61.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, February 19th.


In February’s version update we released the tax announcement 6A for year 2021. We also released clarifications and usability improvements to several views, such as purchase invoices, balance sheet itemization, E-invoice and scanning provider addresses view and Tax information view.

Purchase invoices

After February’s version release the Purchase invoice view provides information about invoice receiving address and operator if invoice is received as an e-invoice or as a scanned invoice. In case of e-invoice user can see receiving operator and address information. In case of scanned invoice only operator information is available as receiving address can be seen from scanned image.

Invoice channel and operator/address information is uneditable if invoice is received as e-invoice or scanned invoice and read in by Procountor. For manually created invoices this information is still editable by user.

Tax announcements

We have released income tax announcement 6A for year 2021.

E-Invoice and Scanning provider addresses

We have updated the E-Invoice and Scanning provider addresses view better readability and usability of Scan service and Email scanning addresses.

Balance sheet itemization

After the balance sheet itemization project it turned out that the PDF version of balance sheet itemization was missing the separator for thousands and this was making the reading of the numbers more difficult for the users. This has now been fixed.

Tax payment bank account on Tax information view

We have modified Tax information view so that RF reference numbers cannot be entered to the Tax payment bank account field anymore. Previously it was possible and created problems especially for Procountor Solo customers. Now it’s no longer possible to add a number starting with “RF” to the bank account field.

Usability improvements

Sales reporting

  • We have moved the Quantity column to more informative place in tables.
  • Further information about Sales reporting can be found from Procountor’s online manual.