New features in Procountor version 62.0

Version 62.0 of Procountor has been published on Saturday, March 19th.


In March’s version update, we have introduced a new information widget that contains information on the ongoing operator change and a new tool for announcing invoicing addresses to suppliers. In addition, we have added average hourly handling in Procountor’s payroll.

Features related to the operator change

New tool for creating supplier announcements

Procountor’s invoice operator partner has gradually changed to a new operator, Apix Messaging Oy. We will implement the remaining changes related to receiving invoices during this spring.

As a part of the operator change project, we have released a new supplier announcement tool. The supplier announcement tool can be used to inform suppliers about (new) invoicing addresses. The new tool replaces the old supplier announcement tool that has been in use previously.

The new tool is released in sections. In this version release, we have released a tool where the user can select which addresses they want to include in the announcement. An announcement template is generated from the selected addresses. The user has to select at least one e-invoice address to continue forward. The user can also select the language of the announcement.

After the user has selected which addresses are included in announcement, they can save the announcement in a Word template format or copy it to clipboard.

In the first version of the tool, the announcement cannot be sent from the announcement tool itself, however this feature will be released in later releases.

Apix information widget on Procountor’s homepage

A new information box, a.k.a. widget, has been been added on Procountor’s homepage. The widget informs that new Apix services have been opened for the environment. The links below lead to additional information as well as the E-Invoice and Scanning provider addresses view, where new invoicing addresses can be announced etc.

The widget is visible only in those environments which have already taken the new Apix addresses into use (these environments have been informed separately). However, the widget is not shown in new environments that have always used Apix addresses. Moreover, the visibility is restricted based on user rights: the information is available only to users who have at least viewing rights to Purchase invoice search, Supplier register and Basic company info.


Average hourly handling

Average hourly handling has been added in Procountor’s payroll.

It is now possible to calculate the average hourly value for those employees whose working hours are given on a salary type, such as employees with an hourly salary. For those employees whose working hours are not given on a salary type, the value of the average hourly can be entered manually.

The calculated or manually entered average hourly value can be used in the employee’s salary slip for certain salary types. This version only has a limited set of salary types for which average hourly value can be used. In later versions, we will enable the use of average hourly handling for more salary types.

The development of the average hourly handling feature is still ongoing, and in later versions we will release e.g. the possibility to search the salary slips included in the calculation based on not only the payment date but also based on the salary period, to give the calculation period a minimum number of working hours and to show the average hourly value on the salary slip.

More instructions on how to start using average hourly handling will be published in Procountor’s online manual by March 19th.

Hiding the ID/SSN from salary slips (pdf)

The business ID or employer SSN can now be hidden from salary slips (pdf). This setting can be used e.g. when the employer is an individual and their SSN is used as the company’s identifier.

The setting related to showing the SSN/ID on salary slips can be found in: Management > Company Info > Usage Settings.