Accountor donates 50 000 euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine


Accountor donates 50 000 euros to help children that are affected by the war in Ukraine through UNICEF’s Emergency Relief Fund for Ukraine. UNICEF has been active in the conflict zone in Ukraine for a long time and is able to ensure that aid is delivered to its destination.

“This situation is absolutely incredible and it is difficult to understand the circumstances and the horror that Ukrainian children and their families are in at the moment. I hope that together we can help the victims of the war in Ukraine with the means that we have. With this donation, Accountor does its small share to help. Each of us can also help with our own contribution,” says Niklas Sonkin, Accountor’s CEO and President.

Accountor directly supports its employees working in Ukraine and their families in many ways. This donation will help to support more children who are affected by the war in Ukraine.

Sonkin states that the situation in Ukraine is also causing concern and anxiety for those of us living outside the war zone. In the midst of the news about the crisis, it is important to take care of your own loved ones and also your co-workers. Accountor actively supports its employees in all its country organisations so that no one will feel left alone with their concerns.